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Today, I ask all Idahoans to join me in saluting law enforcement officers throughout Idaho.

It is an honor for me to express deep gratitude for another year of extraordinary achievements by the women and men in Idaho law enforcement; to thank them for their bravery; and to pay tribute to those who have given their lives in order that their fellow citizens might be safer, their neighborhoods more secure, and their communities and country not only stronger, but more just.

On January 9th of each year, our Nation observes Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

Our law enforcement officers, everyday heroes, are military veterans who returned home to serve their state, cities, towns, and tribal communities. They are young adults who aspired from an early age to stand on the front lines of our neighborhoods to fight for security and justice. They include, too, federal agents who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with their local partners and faced down some of the most dangerous criminals in the world. They are decorated, lifelong officers who, after decades of service on the force, still put on their badges with pride every morning. And each of them represent the very finest this country has to offer to lead, to serve, and to give.

Across this great state and throughout our history, Idaho’s law enforcement officers have come to stand for all that every citizen should aspire to be. That is why every year on January 9th, we honor these brave men and women for their service. These officers are trained and sworn to save the lives of their colleagues, protect innocent bystanders from harm, subdue and apprehend bad actors, and pursue desperate criminals attempting to flee justice. As a community, we know them not just as cops or deputies, but loving parents and caring spouses; as loyal, compassionate, and faithful friends; and as youth sports coaches and church leaders. They are the community they serve. They give much and ask for little in return.

January 9th is just one day – I ask that we always remember what they do – and what they give – to enforce our laws and keep our people safe. But we, too, must do everything we can to forge a safer and more just society. As United States Attorney for the District of Idaho, I am humbled to stand before you and encourage you to strengthen our support for law enforcement officers and their families – to thank them for their service. I am determined to keep doing everything I can to honor those who wear the badge and strengthen the bonds between law enforcement and the communities it serves. I am grateful for their professionalism, dedication, and quiet courage under demanding and often dangerous circumstances, and I look forward to continuing our work together to promote justice and public safety in 2021 and the many years to come.

Bart Davis is the U.S. Attorney for the District of Idaho.

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