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There are some weeks when I just can’t wait for Sunday morning to get here. Sunday mornings in my house are usually the same: get up a little late, stumble downstairs, pour a cup of coffee, the local papers and the Sunday New York Times are sprawled across the dining room table, each of us, me, my wife and two boys, picking a section to read.

It’s often the highlight of my week.

One of our favorite things to do as a family is to try to figure out the Spelling Bee puzzle in the back of the New York Times Magazine. We’ll all look at it and see who can figure it out first. Once you get it, you shout out, “Got it!” and then see if the others in the family get it, too.

Then, late last year, the New York Times introduced a monthly kids section, full of puzzles and other content geared specifically for kids. Introducing a new printed product in this day and age? Pretty bold. And pretty great.

Here at the Idaho Press-Tribune, we’ve been thinking along the same lines and about some of the things we’ve cut back on over the past 18 months or so, such as comics, puzzles and TV listings.

As you may have read in the paper, the Idaho Press-Tribune is under new ownership, as of Nov. 1, with Adams Publishing Group, which is committed to local newspapers and making the necessary investments to make sure we’re successful.

So it’s my pleasure to announce that starting with next week’s Sunday edition of the Idaho Press-Tribune, we are including a new 32-page section called Lazy Sunday.

In it will be all the color Sunday comics we run now, plus we’re including the daily comics for Peanuts, Beetle Bailey, B.C. and Born Loser. Those were four comic strips that we eliminated from our lineup during a changeup of our comics page a while ago. When we made the change, those were the four strips that I received the most complaints about, so we’re bringing those back. They won’t be in the paper every day, but the full week’s worth of daily strips will now be in Lazy Sunday.

Next, we’re expanding our TV listings and putting them in Lazy Sunday. Most of you who contacted me about our TV listings watch TV over the air, not cable or satellite TV. Plus, with the growth in the number of channels you can get over the air, we’ve decided to focus only on over-the-air broadcast channels, include more of them and increase the hours of listings. These channels seem to change and grow every month, so bear with us while we tweak the listings.

This means that TV listings will move from Saturday’s paper to Sunday’s paper. Next week, they’ll be in both places, but starting on Feb. 18, TV listings will be in the Sunday paper only, inside the Lazy Sunday section.

Finally, we’re adding a ton of new puzzles to Lazy Sunday. We’re adding SuperQuiz, Wuzzles, Word Scrimmage, Word Sleuth, Stickelers, Sudoku, more crosswords, Challenger, 7 Little Words, Hocus Focus and WonderWord (keep an eye out for a special, Canyon County-specific puzzle on Feb. 11).

Plus, the kids will enjoy a new puzzle feature called Newspaper Fun, a couple of pages of puzzles and educational material that I used to run in the Kuna Melba News.

Personally, I am so excited about this section. Not only selfishly, as this is going to enhance my Sunday mornings even more, but it’s also exciting to tell our readers that we’re giving you something additional — not taking something away or reducing content. In addition, with this type of commitment to your local newspaper, I sense this is a sign of even more improvements to come in the future.

Scott McIntosh is the editor of the Idaho Press-Tribune. Call 465-8110 or email

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