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This photo provided by Bob Baer and Sarah Kovac, participants in the Citizen CATE Experiment, shows a “diamond ring” shape during the 2016 total solar eclipse in Indonesia.

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You may have heard this already, but just in case, there is going to be a total solar eclipse making its way across Idaho on Monday.

We’ll have reporters spread out around Canyon County documenting what they see.

We’d also like to see what you see, wherever you may be. Maybe you’re heading to Weiser or Emmett or field up in Parma. Maybe you’re going to the top of Mount Borah or heading to eastern Idaho to view the eclipse. Perhaps you’re going to be hard at work at your office and plan to just step outside in your building’s parking lot to see the eclipse.

Whatever your plans, share your photos and locations with us here at the Idaho Press-Tribune. We’re planning on putting together a very cool “StoryMap” showing our readers’ various photos from different locations.

You’ve probably seen us use StoryMaps with various stories in the past, including with a recent story about the Indian Creek Plaza in downtown Caldwell. It’s a terrific, interactive tool that’s great at telling stories.

So what can you do to share with us?

First of all, we’ve set up the hashtag #2Ceclipse. You can use it on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to send us your photos and videos.

You can also simply email us your photos and videos by sending them to

Finally, and perhaps the easiest way, you can shoot and upload photos and videos directly using the Idaho Press-Tribune uReport app, which you can download in the app store, available for Apple and Android mobile devices.

The uReport app is convenient, as it not only gives you a rundown of all the news we have posted online, but it also allows you to shoot and upload videos and photos, text and even audio with just one push of a button on the app.

On Tuesday, we’ll be publishing a special edition of the Idaho Press-Tribune, commemorating the rare event, and we’ll be including photos submitted by our readers.

So, however you get your photos to us, send them in and be a part of this special collectors edition of the paper.

Scott McIntosh is the editor of the Idaho Press-Tribune. Call 465-8110 or email

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