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Dear Idaho Press readers,

The past year has been an incredible transformation for the Idaho Press and a challenging but gratifying change for me professionally.

Since the Idaho Press, along with our parent company, was purchased by Adams Publishing Group at the end of 2017, we launched an aggressive campaign to become the number one newspaper in the Treasure Valley. It’s hard to believe all that we’ve accomplished in just the past year. The year started off on a hiring spree, as we hired a new community engagement editor, Jeanne Huff, who relaunched our third section of the paper and reinvigorated our Sunday Life section. We hired a new photo editor, a new sports editor and three new reporters to cover Boise City Hall, Ada County government and Ada County cops and courts. We hired Betsy Russell to cover state government.

Then we purchased Boise Weekly and established a Boise bureau there. We started inserting Boise Weekly in the Idaho Press every Thursday. We added a new Farm and Ranch section every Friday.

It seems like forever ago, but at the beginning of the year, we launched a new Lazy Sunday section, which includes the Sunday comics, four daily comics, TV listings and a bunch of new puzzles.

We started covering Ada County high school sports in addition to our coverage of Canyon County high school sports. We continued to cover College of Idaho and Northwest Nazarene University sports better than anyone else, and we continued our award-winning coverage of Boise State sports. We were able to change our deadlines to later in the night so that we’re able to get in the next day’s paper more local sports coverage and results and full coverage and photos of late-night Boise State football games.

It was also near the beginning of the year that the Idaho Press took home 25 awards at the Idaho Press Club banquet, including the top prize for general excellence.

All of these efforts have paid off. Since we started a campaign to sign up new subscribers in June, we added about 7,000 new subscribers, a number that far exceeded our goals and our expectations. Because of that, we have had some difficulties delivering the paper to some of our customers. We have focused most of our energy and planning in the past several weeks on solving that problem, and we are activating a new, in-house solution to this problem this month. I’m confident, given the time and effort we’ve put into this, we will get this problem solved and be able to continue on our upward growth trajectory.

All of our success in the past year is thanks to you, our readers. Of course, if you didn’t subscribe to the Idaho Press, we wouldn’t be here. We appreciate all of the support and words of encouragement we’ve received over the past year as we venture into what was, quite frankly, a risky endeavor. Because of your support, we have been able to grow, and we have been able to expand and improve our news coverage. In addition to your subscriptions, our success can be attributed to your kind words about us to your friends, families and neighbors and on social media. Much of our growth has been through word-of-mouth, and I want to personally thank everyone who recommended us as a viable local news source.

We still have much work to do, and we have even more ambitious goals for 2019. But if the success of 2018 is any indication, and with your continued support and feedback, I’m confident the coming year will bring even more successes.

Thank you, again, and happy New Year.

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