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You probably have seen Don Day’s byline in the Idaho Press over the past year or so. Don is the publisher and owner of, a local independent news site that covers what’s happening in the local development world, from new apartment buildings in downtown Boise to updates on the proposed stadium along with scoops all over the Treasure Valley on what business is moving into what space and who’s moving out.

We’ve been licensing his stories for the Idaho Press for about a year, and it’s been a great relationship.

The BoiseDev story is really an impressive story of carving out a niche by recognizing a need in the community and providing a service to fill that need.

While Don was at KTVB, where he worked for 18 years, he started tweeting out stories that were related to Boise development using the hashtag #boisedev. It caught on. Turns out a lot of folks on Twitter were interested in Boise development stories, and #boisedev was the go-to place to find updates. Soon, people started asking questions about “Any updates about…. #boisedev” or “What’s going in on the corner of … #boisedev.”

That was back in 2013 (ancient times), and by 2015, Don had turned boisedev into a newsletter, curating the items and stories related to Boise development. In 2016, he launched the website.

He since left his job at KTVB, struck out on his own, went off to Stanford on a Knight Journalism Fellowship and came back to Boise with a vengeance, elevating BoiseDev to new heights.

The Idaho Press is now taking the partnership with BoiseDev to a new level.

This Saturday, we’re launching a new “Dev” section in print, inserted in the Idaho Press, populated with stories from Don and BoiseDev.

Our hope and goal is that this partnership is mutually beneficial. The new print section will provide even more exposure for BoiseDev stories to a new audience, and it will provide a tremendous added benefit for Idaho Press readers. We believe that advertisers will be attracted to the audience who will be reading the Dev section.

My individual view is that news organizations need six modes of delivery to be successful in the future media landscape: print, social media, audio, video, email and digital. I believe this will be the standard model in the future. Note that I still include print in that formula. It may not be the same form or frequency we know today, but I think to ignore print for any news provider would be folly, just as ignoring digital or social would be folly for a news organization. You’re just missing out on a segment of the audience you’re trying to reach. Successful news organizations will be the ones that leverage a combination of all six pieces most effectively.

The Dev section will be replacing our weekly Money section, although you’ll still see some of those features in the new Dev section, including Treasure Valley commercial real estate transactions (which is expanding), the Better Business Bureau column, Faces in New Places and other local business-related stories and briefs.

The weekly Health section, which has been running every Saturday, will now move to Tuesdays and stay the same.

Wednesday’s special section will remain Outdoors, Boise Weekly will remain inserted in Thursday’s paper, Farm & Ranch will keep coming out on Fridays, and Sunday’s Idaho Press will still feature our awesome Life section.

So let me know what you think of the new section, just another way that we’re working to provide our readers with the local news you’re hungry for.

Scott McIntosh is the editor of the Idaho Press. Call 208-465-8110 or email

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