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Last week, we ran an editorial cartoon on the Opinion page about civilized society putting a stop to Nazism and fascism. I, personally, was the one who selected the cartoon for publication. What I didn’t notice in the cartoon was that one of the men on the side of the Nazis was wearing an NRA hat. I wish I had looked a little more closely at the cartoon before running it.

As you can imagine, many of our readers let us know about it, not just through letters to the editor but through calls and emails.

The people who complained thought it was really stupid to equate the National Rifle Association with Nazis.

I agree. I don’t know the cartoonist (it’s from a national syndicate) and I don’t know the reasons he included the NRA in this whole debate. I’m sure he’s got his reasons for holding that opinion, but I don’t happen to agree with him.

Whether you like or dislike the NRA, whether you agree or disagree with the NRA, it’s a far stretch to equate them with Nazis. As one of our letter writers put it, “The NRA is, in fact, one of the few organizations in this country that is working to protect our Constitutional rights.”

I want to thank those folks who wrote letters to the editor voicing their opinion on the matter and the readers who called in to (politely) point out the little guy at the bottom of the cartoon was wearing an NRA hat and what they thought of that.

I thank those readers for continuing to engage with us and to furthering a civil conversation about the issues. I know things are tense right now, and the press is a popular punching bag, but I truly believe the only way we’re going to make things better is to continue the conversation.

Scott McIntosh is the editor of the Idaho Press-Tribune. Call 465-8110 or email

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