Jim Jones

Jim Jones

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The Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF), an extremist political outfit that draws dark money support, is dedicated to getting rid of public schools in Idaho. IFF’s President, Wayne Hoffman, put it this way: “I don’t think government should be in the education business. It is the most virulent form of socialism (and indoctrination thereto) in America today.” If that is true, one wonders why Idaho schools have not turned into a Marxist haven during the 132 years since Idaho achieved statehood.

As a matter of fact, Idaho public schools have provided a free education to kids from every economic level, faith, race, creed, political outlook, whatever, since 1890. Public education is what has made the Gem State what it is. It will continue to do so into the future, if the Legislature follows its mandate under the Idaho Constitution to properly fund a “general, uniform and thorough system of public, free common schools.”

Jim Jones is the former Idaho attorney general and former chief justice of the Idaho Supreme Court. His previous columns can be found at https://JJCommonTater.com.

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