Cheers for the freeway. Drive the speed limit and you will never be tailgated. We know from years of driving. Drive the middle lane and go the speed limit and cars that are all obviously speeding, come up in groups. They all speed and tear around you from both sides. It is wonderful! You have an open relaxing freeway all to yourself! If cops do not pull them over, who cares, right? That’s their problem.

Jeers to the Property Management Team that controls the parking lot where Shari’s and the old K-mart are located. Friday the 26th of April the Caldwell Bowl Fun Bus picks up bowlers for a trip to Nevada. Many seniors and disabled vets take this trip and we have for 20+ years. We park away from Sharis in a group. We returned Sunday afternoon to find our cars had been towed. Forty plus people were affected. Thankfully the proprietor of Caldwell Bowl paid the impound fees for the cars that had been towed. Cheers to Ron Black owner of Caldwell Bowl.

Cheers to President Trump for refusing to attend the White House Correspondents Dinner. His attendance there would be akin to Bibi Netanyahu showing up at a backyard barbecue held by Calypso Louie Farrakhan (Google it, kids). And jeers to the same self-important “journalists” who claim to be the arbiters of fact after spending the last two years peddling the Russian collusion conspiracy hoax. If they truly are champions of the First Amendment, it would be nice to see them devote a thimble full of outrage toward Big Tech for its systematic banning of conservative speech.

Cheers to Winco for their community spirit in providing the necessary paper bags for the Friends of the Library’s summer “buck a bag” sales. These sales provide the money to fund the library’s programming for all ages and foster literacy in our town. Yay Winco!

Cheer: This is a cheer for the Homedale AutoZone. And especially the gentleman who helped me, Sarge. I went in to buy some bulbs for my turn signals. He not only sold me the bulbs but he volunteered to change them for me and was so very pleasant. I will absolutely go to this store for all my auto parts.

Jeers to the Nampa City Council for always trying to micromanage downtown Nampa. We need to encourage (not discourage) businesses to invest in downtown.

Jeers to government for creating too many agencies when money could be used to help homeless veterans and civilians and cut the perks of politicians. Cheers to more money being spent on mental health because there are too many suicides among veterans and civilians and we need more nurses and doctors too because they are short of staff and have too many patients. Jeers to 400 doctors a year dying from suicide and these issues of mental health and suicide need to be addressed because the band-aid approach doesn’t work and how many have to die before we act.

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