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Cheers for Habitat for Humanity Restore that has moved from 1st St S in Nampa to across the way from Canyon County animal Shelter-Grays Lane. What an awesome store! We have redone most everything in our home saving $$$$! They have new and used items, most everything you could ever need for any building jobs and some crafting, all kinds of cool items.

Jeers: Our Grandson was in a very serious accident out of State. The man at fault testified he was hungry, which made him angry on his way home from work! Dumb excuse, that will not help him, yet...Some people do get angry and not focused when hungry. Please eat a snack before leaving work to save us all from any road rage. Our Grandson is in serious but stable condition.

Jeers: Pray for Texas shootings and all affected by the Hurricane. Support financially if you can, Red Cross etc.

Jeers: 25% increase water, trash bills. 3% increase per budget.Mayor, stated during the campaign stated that Nampa homeowners were overtaxed. Meanwhile after a letter to her, stating our streets are so bad that our driveways are full of cracks. Curbs are now dust and rocks. A neighbor had part of her driveway slide into the street. We received a form letter stating that the roads are not that bad. Will schedule them to be fixed in 2021. But, water tower will rebuild and painted $2.5 mil. how much was spent for downtown? need a new Mayor, council. Seniors are losing homes.

Jeers to anyone, particularly corporate CEOs or anyone working in the press, who believes that people on Twitter are an accurate representation of the public at large. They are not. People on Twitter are on the outer fringes of the mainstream. They are narcissistic, virtue-signaling malcontents who have nothing better to do with their time than feign outrage at anything and everything that doesn’t conform perfectly to their rigid worldview. They are the puritans of the 21st Century, out to purge the world of any dissenting viewpoints. As such, they should be ignored, not pandered and conformed to.

Cheers to The Salon Professional Academy in Nampa, formerly Razzle Dazzle long ago. Got a GREAT hair cut/shampoo today! $10. Student was very polite and professional. Instructor was very nice, helpful to the student and myself. They recheck often, so the cut is done properly. Thumbs up!! My hair feels fabulous!

Jeers to a local pharmacy who advertised they had the shingles vaccine available at both stores. “Walk-ins welcome.”. They neglected to mention these vaccines go first to customers who have filled a prescription using their pharmacy. That’s ok with me. I understand rewarding loyal customers first. Just wish they had made that clear in the advertisement. I called both stores to double check that I could obtain the shot. No one told me of the restrictions. The employees I talked to on the phone assured me I would be able to obtain a vaccination. Only after I drove a long distance and stood at the counter was I told of this policy. Guess their idea of walk-ins is a lot different than mine. Please change your misleading advertisement and tell your employees to be upfront in any communications regarding the fine print.

Cheers: Big thanks to The Tree Guy, Kimball Johnson, for an awesome job he and his crew did in removing trees at our home. Two huge 50 yr old pine trees in the front yard that were just scary and over a dozen other old trees that just needed to go. Crew was very fast and efficient and so polite. The heat that day was intense and we felt bad for them, but they plugged away until the job was done. We would absolutely recommend them to anyone who needs trees taken down. Thanks again Kimball!

Jeers to the drivers at night who drive with their high beams on or have extremely bright lights! You’re blinding oncoming traffic and you’re going to cause an accident. There needs to be more enforcement when it comes to this.

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