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Jeers to all business, especially Property Management companies, that use automated phone messages for all calls. Even though their message is always that they will call back, they don’t. Automated call answering is the absolute worst customer service ever. Does any company in this valley even begin to understand the meaning of “good” customer service? Apparently not.

Cheers to the Boise Bench Lions Club for volunteering at the Found Kids Booth at the Western Idaho Fair. We registered 1042 kids and volunteered 291 hours this year.

Jeers to the three Ada County commissioners not giving a property tax break to the nonprofit facility of The Terraces. This is a discriminatory action against elders in our community. The Terraces in Boise is a nonprofit facility. Idaho likes to do things in the “Idaho Way.” Is financially harming the elderly and disabled “the Idaho Way?” Those three commissioners need to be replaced. Some Ada county hospitals make a profit, but they don’t pay property taxes while sitting on millions of dollars of property. Thanks to the commissioners!

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