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Jeers: Republicans. For 8 long years I listened to the Republicans complain about the huge deficits of President Obama’s administration. Now we have a Republican president, and even with a good economy and the lowest unemployment in many decades, his administration is still running deficits in the $800 billion per year range. But I do not hear complaints from Republicans about such high deficits, why not? Is the Republican party no longer the party of fiscal responsibility?

Editor’s note: The federal deficit is projected to grow by $800 billion more than previously expected over the next decade.

Cheers to Canyon County 911 dispatch, Caldwell fire department , Canyon County paramedics, St Al’s in Nampa and St Al’s in Boise. All of these people helped me and my husband out when we needed it most. I didn’t get names but I do hope if they read this they will know who they are. Thank you so very much for taking care of my husband when he had his medical emergency. Your kindness and concern was so much appreciated.

Cheers: Thanks to whoever helped out their senior neighbor and what a bit of true facts about Technology. I do not know of any senior that does not feel this way, so thank You! I am not a senior,( well close) I hate technology too! Customer service has been hit the worst with this. Impossible to get anything done these days and talk to someone who has any respect. Going on-line for anything,.. For The Birds!! Lazy People cannot even eat without using the Internet! Ridiculous! Thanks, Thanks!, Thanks! God Bless our Elderly and Respect their needs!

Jeers to unattractive people who believe that drenching themselves in cologne or perfume will make them more attractive. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but all that pungency doesn’t make you look any thinner, prettier or more handsome. You’re still just as abrasive on the eyes, only now, you’re also abrasive on the nose, as well. If you want to make yourself more appealing, might I suggest a gym membership or a makeover?

Cheers to Mitch Minnette, President/CEO of Nampa Chamber of Commerce. When attending the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new studios of Idaho Rhythm on August 29th we heard remarks from Mayor Kling and Mr. Minnette, who closed his remarks with a prayer. It was appreciated Mr. Minnette! We need more opportunities where we can ask for God’s blessings.

Cheers to the farmers along Homedale road for labeling your crops. Much appreciated.

Jeers: Now that we know that they have perfected the vegetarian hamburger, to taste just like a beef burger. How do we know, that when we order a hamburger that we think is beef. Could it really be the veggie burger? Based on the fact that vegetarian burgers are cheaper to make than beef.

Jeers to the Idaho Press for their smarmy front-page story on wolf-parenting. Wolves are not humans. They do not form families out of love but out of instinct. They are not warm cuddly creatures with human attributes but deadly Apex predators who will hunt and kill anything they can including your pets and children. It was a sad day when the human-hating enviros got wolves reintroduced to Idaho.

Editor’s note: The story, “Wolf couples that stay together make better parents” from The Spokesman-Review, was based on new research from the University of Idaho and ran on the front page of the Outdoors section on Sept. 18.

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