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Cheers to Julie Ellsworth our state treasurer for standing firm against those who want to move her out of her office in the state Capitol.

Cheers to Babby Farms Zoo, near Caldwell. Not just an ordinary zoo experience. They have a large variety of exotic animals to view, pet and feed. Easy walking around the zoo on sidewalks. The grounds are inviting and well kept. Children and adults of all ages will be entertained. Hurry, the season ends September 29 and the zoo is closed until May 1.

Jeers: Writing this with my elderly neighbor, who has very strong feelings for this, but no computer, cell phone, as many elderly people are in her situation. They feel they are being forced into a life they do not want to do, and not comfortable with. Jeers for the world using so much plastic and going paperless. The world will be in a heap of trouble if technology crashes! You need a computer to do almost everything these days! Sick of junk mail, phone calls, commercials, etc.. daily! There are still millions that will never, ever do all of this technology. We hate it and do not have or want the resources. So be kind to us and treat us like the humans we are!

Cheers to Canyon County 911 dispatch, Caldwell fire department, Canyon County paramedics, St Al’s in Nampa and St Al’s in Boise. All of these people helped me and my husband out when we needed it most. I didn’t get names but I do hope if they read this they will know who they are. Thank you so very much for taking care of my husband when he had his medical emergency. Your kindness and concern was so much appreciated.

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