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Cheers to the 110 new citizens sworn in on the 23rd and welcome them to the US and Idaho. Had I known, I would have been at the ceremony to welcome them personally. I hope that they are received graciously and kindly and have a productive and peaceful future in our community.

Cheers to the 110 brand-new citizens who recognized that the United States of America is something far greater than the mere sum of its parts and decided to throw in their lot and build a new American future. An old saying from the sixties said that America has its problems and turmoil but it’s a heckuva lot better than wherever is in second place. Welcome to America!

Cheers for the morning crew at Burger King in Nampa on the Blvd. Always cheerful and helpful! Thank for working so hard for your regular coffee/breakfast customers! Our men’s group appreciates you!

Jeers to BSU: Our state tax dollars help support a PUBLIC institution & it costs lots of money to send your kids there. Also, I can’t watch a football game on local tv cause BSU sells out to ESPN for $. Huge sports budget I’m sure is part of why they do it. What happened to public colleges being created to be affordable for the average “Joe”?

Jeers to the bright red New pickup truck that just pulled out into traffic turning left into one car, causing me to slam on my brakes, and jeers to the car for tailgating me almost slamming into me! The red truck then just sat in the intersection and decided to go straight?! I went one block more where I needed to turn right and the car behind me, continued to tailgate me as I had to yield for a person, hand pushing his wheelchair, this stupid car behind me, then speeds around me, honking?? Oh my gosh, PEOPLE! Can anyone drive safe anymore??

Jeers to car insurance companies that do not settle car wrecks promptly, Jeers to those who text and rear end people, ruin their cars, and then you are out of a car! Insurance will not replace your car! They do not care! What is the point of insurance? The wreck is not even your fault and in minutes because of stupid drivers, your life is ruined! You have to get an attorney to help you, and that takes 1-2 years. Insurance sucks!

Jeers to HOA’s!!! They walk thru the neighborhoods and Nit Pick at every little stupid thing. Lived here for 20 years and it just keeps getting worse. Pick on the ones that do not care about their property! Leave the rest of us alone! Let us live and enjoy our homes.. Things you write a notice for. and are so worried about, are not visible to anyone unless you physically walked into our yards, which should be illegal. Yet, you miss fixing things that you are supposed to be doing! A walk thru./drive thru once a month does not qualify you to know anything about any neighborhoods! HOA=Useless!

Jeers I’ve been reading the comments regarding the proposal to bring new jets to Gowen Field. One of my fondest memories of growing up in Nampa was hearing the jets go over and waiting for the sonic boom to hit. As a young child, those jets represented security. A gentleman on Wednesday opposed the jets because of the noise imposed on passengers deplaning at the airport. My question is, how many times a day does this happen, and how many times would the jets be taking off in a day? I vote to let the jets come!

Jeers to everyone who does not know you walk FACING the traffic! Didn’t you learn that in the first grade? Every person I see walking down the road has their back to the traffic, you are going to get run over!

Jeers! Hillary has just called Donald Trump a corrupt human tornado! How can she call anyone corrupt when she herself and her hubby Bill have done all the corrupt things they have?Jeers to the idaho athletic board that won’t let kids play varsity after they change schools. The board is there to protect the integrity if they are switching for wrong motives..... Well what if there’s good motives and the schools aren’t the same size, they don’t play each other. There isn’t even any good reason given. The season is almost over let the kids play unless you have a real valid reason for saying no.Jeers.. if Trumps delicate calls between him and other foreign leaders are going to be public knowledge, then so should Obamas’, Bushs’, Clintons’, and I think that you know where I am going with this.

Jeers! How much longer are we going to have to have all this inter congressional war raging within our congress? They need to earn their money working with each other not against each other. A house divided cannot stand!! We elected you to work for us not to have a gay old time with all the money, power, and influence! Do your jobs!!! Or get out…!!! What a waste!!

Cheers in advance for those who are beginning Fall Cleanup in their yards and will rake up their own leaves. What a mess we had in our yard last year, that was not Our Mess.

Jeers to Idaho Officials for adding working restrictions to Medicaid Expansion. Voters voted NO to this part! Certain Medical Conditions may be exempt from working? If a person has to be Social Security disabled to Not work, SS is very difficult to be approved for! WE Know! This directly hurts our family with one very sick person who cannot work, and is getting sicker each day without NO Medical care! Does not drive or work. You will create another huge Gap of Idahoans with no Healthcare, that Need it most?!! Who will help them? Not SS and now you?

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