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Cheers to Todd Phillips, Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, and company for creating such an impactful and incredible film in “Joker.” This film is about childhood trauma, mental illness, traumatic brain injuries, gun control, and the trappings of a failing society. This film has a lot of modern day perils despite being set during the chaotic ‘70s and I encourage everyone to watch it . Jeers to the people making fun of the “incels” for enjoying this film. You are missing out on the most important themes of the movie, and that is being nice to each other.

Cheers to the honest soul who found my wallet at the Gateway Winco store last week and returned it to Customer Service. I was so upset to discover I had left it behind after bagging my groceries. THANK YOU for your integrity and kindness! Not only did I get my wallet back, but my money, driver’s license, bank cards, etc. were all inside! I am very grateful! It’s a blessing to live in this community.

Cheers to the writer who wrote “Leave our history alone and keep it whole!” I have Jeered to the Idaho Press several times on their move to Ada County subscribers, but submissions were not printed. I am glad someone else is concerned. Bring back the Tribune!

Cheers to the Idaho Press for taking a common sense position on school funding! Quality growth desires to invest in their new communities compensating for the impacts they create. Imposing higher taxes on existing residents and pressing passage of bonds to cover costs of new development causes increased animosity toward new growth in general. The legislature needs to enable school districts the option to collect developer impact fees if they determine need. Predictably, bond fatigue and resentment toward new growth will continue to increase while our quality of life suffers unless the legislature acts.

Cheers: Thank you, Ben Adams, for your thought provoking article on what our troops endure in this war. You explained the situation very clearly and I hope people get the message about corruption and the degradation of human beings.

Jeers to the large thrift store for price gauging! The woman said, orange tags were 1/2 off, well if there were any orange tags! I looked everywhere! What’s the point? Excuse me, I am not paying $12-$20 for someone’s used items or wrinkled clothing! I have gotten brand new clothing/items off season/sales for seriously less than $5. And the little I bought, they charged 10 cents for a bag? They are not thrifty in any sense of the word, and I am done with this store, there are much better stores and sales out there!

Jeers to the folks who don’t know how to spell the word “democrat”. They can’t be republicans, because real republicans do know how to spell the word, and aren’t inclined to disrespect others who don’t believe the way they do. Speaking for all the left-handed folks in the world who have had to learn how to do everything backwards, I’m sick and tired of the word “left” being used as an obscenity. There are millions of left-handed folks who are republicans. Oh, and since the IPT printed your letter even though you insulted them, too, I’m wondering if you’re glad or sad. It means you’re wrong, not “right”.

Jeers to which ever agency, Federal, State, County, or City should be maintaining the wrought iron fence that runs the length of Federal Way in Boise. This green fencing was constructed in sections to run along the bike path portions/sidewalk on the North side of the street. I’ve watched it continue to rust and deteriorate over the years to the point now where huge portions of it are complete rust. I have tried multiple times to locate the agency who is responsible for it, to no avail. A new coat of paint would do wonders for it!

Jeers to bicyclists and electric scooter riders who choose to ride on sidewalks and bike lanes going against traffic instead of with traffic. These riders have no respect for pedestrians and will often whiz by when walking dogs with no advance warning. Before you ride learn the rules of the road.

Cheers to hyperventilating Scandinavian teens for exposing the climate change hysteria for what it truly is — a doomsday cult. No, Greta, there will be no mass extinction of humanity in 12 years, and the polar bears will be just fine. They, like people, will adapt to changes in climate, which are natural and unpredictable, and have been for the last 4 billion years. We didn’t cause the Sahara desert to change from a tropical climate to a desert thousands of years ago, and we’re not causing hurricanes today, either. Just chill, kiddos.

Jeers to ITD highway maintenance department. another construction and road maintenance season is coming to a close. Yet AGAIN nothing has been to repair I-84 between 10AVE and centennial, I would think after 3 or 4 years another patch job could be done. Or is section part of widening I-84 from Nampa to Caldwell, therefore wait.

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