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Cheers to the young woman who expressed sadness over the offensive sexual comments directed at women from men. I sympathize and agree with her. So, jeers to all the folks who allow it to happen by not addressing the problem. I also suffered from this kind of abuse from the age of 12 on, from strangers on the street to even a couple of adult family members, and a couple preteen boys. From the family to the schools, to the military, even to senior citizens, whether they’re mentally alert or not, too many people think it’s a form of flattery, or use that word as an excuse. Well, it isn’t. It’s insulting and it’s abuse. Get Over It!

Cheers to the letter to the editor from Patrick Craig of Caldwell in Sunday’s paper, titled “Hoodwinked by Reclaim Idaho.” Thank you, thank you, thank you. You said it all very correctly. And whoever doesn’t believe it will have a nice surprise.

Cheers to the Nampa Senior Center! They provide lots of services especially to ALL our seniors (but open to the public): delicious buffet style lunches served M-F at noon ($5 for those 60 or over, $6 non-senior charge); a variety of activities including card games, Bingo, choir, craft group, entertainment before most lunches, Thursday night dances; a great thrift shop and gift shop, and aerobics and Yoga classes. You will make new friends and find others with similar interests. Tired of sitting at home alone with no one to socialize with, or tired of cooking? Try it out!

Jeers to the city of Caldwell for allowing another gas station to be built and in a prime area, the old Curt & Hal dealership lot. That would’ve been a perfect site for a new hotel, right smack in middle where Blaine & Cleveland splits and by the C of I and stadium! The city lost out on potential revenue from the fair, football games, etc. If you need gas, Caldwell has 15 stations to choose from!

Jeers to cancel culture. We were once the most forgiving society in human history because we all understood that all of us say or do stupid things at some time in our lives. None of us hasn’t. And we don’t want people to judge us by a poorly-worded joke or comment made out of frustration when we were having a bad day. Now we have people with nothing better to do than search through every word people have ever said or put online and use it as a weapon to destroy their careers or lives. Get a job, losers.

Jeers to Canyon and surrounding Counties for Emissions testing. We are not big cities of smog and high rise buildings. It’s just another money scam for the county and state. Instead of emissions address the noise, missing headlights and stink of vehicles. Some are so loud or high pitched it shakes and unnerves other drivers and pedestrians for those vehicles to be on the roads. Some let out black Stinking smog that momentarily blinds other drivers, just long enough for accidents to happen. Leave us good people alone, get rid of Scamming Emissions and address the important issues!

Jeers to editors of The “Idaho Press Tribune” for severing the cooperative union of two historical news papers. Many of us are still living who know true history. In 1883 “The Tribune” was founded In Caldwell.. The “Idaho Press” was located in Nampa. When they joined together they became The “Idaho Press Tribune.” This new generation of editors is destroying our history of these two news papers. Put The “Idaho Press Tribune” back together, we refuse to acknowledge it any other way. Some of us are very dedicated, longtime valued customers! Leave our history alone and keep it whole!

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