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Jeers to Nampa High School students who fail to activate the red flashing light that allows them to cross 12th Ave. safely. Also jeers to still other students who don’t even bother to cross in the crosswalk but just dash between cars. I fear a bad accident or worse is imminent.

Jeers: Handicap parking in our area is being sorely abused. Just park close to a handicap parking area and observe the many agile folks hop from their vehicles and quickly make their way into the building. It is very obvious that the handicap tag is for another family member who truly needs it. Folks need to be more considerate of these spaces for those who truly need them. A little walk into the store is a healthy thing.

Jeers: Received absentee ballot. Again another tax increase for schools. I can’t remember a ballot that didn’t have one..It will only raise our taxes $172 per $100,000. This one is for 2 years. This will be my first to say NO to school bonds..U can’t keep taxing seniors..Many are now selling their homes. Taxes for water treatment, roads, schools, water tank remodel, etc. U are bleeding us dry. We don’t get raises yearly from our pensions. Nor do we live beyond our means. Time to say NO. By the way, our road is down to one way, its that bad.

Jeers to cars that Do Not stop for pedestrians in crosswalks anywhere! You should not be driving if you fail to see people walking!

Jeers. Several places that need traffic lights etc. for better control in Nampa. 1} The Walmart entrance on Greenhurst that is also across from the Entrance for Albertson’s. What a scary mess to get out of, or across traffic! Cars are going every which way! Utter chaos! 2} Kings Road and Victory, always a very long back up at the 4 way stop during peak times, today, backed up to Garrity. Round About needed or something! 3} Light needed at the 4 way stop at Amity and Sunnyridge. By the Nazarene Univ. This wide intersection is horrible to get thru with the current 4 way stop that no one knows how to get thru! Best to just avoid these areas to save your life!

Cheers to Rolling H for investing in downtown Nampa and doing their best to help with bringing the downtown Nampa area alive with commerce. Too bad that we can see past how “famous artwork” is being covered up and how it impacts so many. Those who choose to look at the negative should look into what kind of person the owner is and all that he does for the local community.

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