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Jeers: When the sign says FREE that means the business is paying for the flu shot. When one goes to the counter to get the shot you must present your “New social security card” to get the FREE shot. In short this business is advertising the Federal Government is paying the tab. It is no wonder we can’t trust many businesses today.

Jeers to a local fitness center! On Monday October 28th they had air conditioning blowing forceful icy cold Air down on members on the health and fitness cardio floor, with all the wall fans on high blowing the icy cold air even worse. We could not enjoy our workout and finally had to leave due to the health risk of breathing and being in the icy cold environment. I now have Bronchitis! It’s time for heat not icy air conditioning. They should have closed the facility until the problem was fixed instead of jeopardizing the health of their members.

Jeers to a local gym. I took my family to the gym on Monday the 28th of October expecting a nice workout and a warm fun-day for family. We were in various areas of the gym and the icey air conditioning was on full blast rather than heat. It was horrible, uncomfortable, hard to breath and painful on muscles and joints. It is below freezing outside, members pay for and expect a warm, comfortable environment to enjoy. Their irresponsibility is jeopardizing to the health and well being of all members.

Cheers to Cedar Crossing Subdivision Halloween Kids: The young adults and children that visited our home were, friendly, polite and complimentary; what a refreshing experience. Parents, you are raising your families the right way and can be very proud of them. CHEERS TO YOU AGAIN!

Huge cheers to John Blaisdell of Caldwell for his letter regarding the Jim Jones opinion pieces.

I agree 100% John.

Cheers to Canyon County for being one of only five ideal seed growth and production areas in the world. One of only two in the United States. That makes us, and our farm land pretty important to the future of civilization! This is pretty reliable information, coming from the Idaho Oregon Seed Commission.

Cheers to John Blaisdell for his letter to the editor on Saturday, November 2 regarding Jim Jones’ opinions on the editorial page. Mr. Blaisdell is spot on!!

Cheers: Finally a page worthy of reading in its entirety! The Letters to the Editor from John Paige, Irys Gibbons, Dallas Chase and Lilburn Wesche were all articulate, thoughtful and right on target. The icing on the cake of the Nov 5 (I believe) edition was the excellent Guest Opinion by Jim Jones.

Jeers: It is unbelievable $$ how much candy, costumes etc is sold and marketed for Halloween!! Where are the kids that like the candy, wear a costume....trick or treat ? We used to get like 60-80 kids and now we got like 7. This world is so sad, always ruining something that was a Good Thing! We as kids Loved Halloween! It was safe, fun, truly a highlight growing up. Now people must just buy all that candy for themselves! And shut themselves inside! What a sick, horrible, self centered nation we have become!

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