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Cheers to the Idaho Press for (a recent) article on Micron. I agree with the accurate reporting in the article. I worked at Micron for over 30 years and had always received a four rating until I received a two rating in December, although my work performance had not changed. Due to my low rating, I was given a severance package to leave Micron. I agree with those who said that older employees are being targeted. Jeers to Micron for treating employees, who have given their lives to the company, this way.

Cheers to those who say accountability of government has failed because government should be accountable for their actions and they are not because why is our nation in turmoil. We have a government that needs to serve its veterans and civilians and yet it neglects to do that because go to YouTube and the evidence is there that government has failed. Jeers to both parties for failing to address the problems that exist and running amok because our cities lay in ruin like a war-torn country and where is the help.

Cheers to Mary Payne for her letter about women’s bodies, women’s rights and the religious right’s interference through politics, which may I add is against the First Amendment which says “...Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise of...”which plainly means a religious entity may express itself, but may not force itself on others especially through the law. Freedom of religion means exactly that. And cheers to the Idaho Press for printing it.

Cheers: A great big thank you to all the volunteers and exhibitors who came out and made Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge’s very first Get Outdoors Festival a success. With over 200 visitors and 18 partners the Refuge could not have done this event without the phenomenal community. The enthusiasm of volunteers to connect people to nature and help families find a new appreciation for the great outdoors made this event truly special.

Cheers to the woman who got hurt with the cart for exposing people for doing wrong. Prayers for healing and hope the authorities were involved.

Jeers for the Thursday paper being heavy with thick books, one that was disturbing and went straight in the trash.

Cheers to the Friends of the Library for supporting the summer reading program at the Nampa Public Library with their great Summer Sidewalk Sales! The sale on June 18 will feature very affordable books at 2 bucks a big bag for teens and youth to encourage fun summer reading!

Cheers to the very hardworking and friendly McDonald’s team members at 7811 W. Fairview Ave., Boise. At the end of May, they were awarded the title of National Champions for the Drive-Thru Fastbreak Challenge after competing with teams throughout the entire United States! Fantastic work by and with a very deserving team. Congratulations to all!

Jeers to the fitness center in north Nampa for not caring about their members. It has been months since the water in the pool has been consistently above 80 degrees. More days than not it is closer to 72. It is past time to try and repair a worn-out heater and is time to bite the bullet and replace it with a new one. You tell the water aerobics participants that swimmers like the water cooler, but even the swimmers have been saying the water needs to be warmer. Take care of your members. Replace the heater!

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