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Jeers: I visited the Caldwell DMV to apply for a star to be added to my valid driver’s license. I utilized the online “Add the Star” tool to ensure that I took the documentation to do so. I approached the touch screen to be assigned a number and none of the options pertained to my pursuit. I was informed that a certified birth certificate = certified original/certified copy that the embossed certification stamp can be seen and felt on. Clarity should be added to the “Add the Star” tool. A touch screen option, “ID Card or Star Card” might work.

Jeers to the lack of law enforcement, particularly on Midland Blvd. It is nothing short of a race track. I am about the city a good share of any day with violations everywhere but rarely do I see an officer with those red lights on. Does anybody agree with me?

Jeers to the Idaho State legislature, our “elected” representatives didn’t debate, or even acknowledge the travesty that has become “education in Idaho.” We now rank 51st, dead last, below every state and the District of Columbia, in dollars spent per pupil. And in outcome. The importance of funding education cannot be overstated. High-paying jobs are not coming to Idaho because our children can’t do the work required. Not because they aren’t able to learn, but because our state has failed them. This should be the legislature’s priority! Not making it harder for Idahoans to receive medical care.

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