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Jeers: Agree with the who wrote about no speed enforcement on Midland in Nampa. Why is 3rd St S 25 mph? Downtown Nampa? Other roads with homes, parks and children are 30-35 mph? No one goes the 25 mph, never see anyone getting tickets. You are tailgated and honked at if you do go the 25 mph. Needs more thought. Obviously!

Jeers: What is up with so many cars running red traffic lights lately? Horrible! Why are traffic lights in Nampa so inconsistent? When turning left, some lights are the old fashioned way, green arrow, yellow caution, then red stop. Others — good grief! — are no green, flashing yellow, to red, back to yellow. The other way is going on your green, then solid yellow, then green, back to flashing yellow, and then no green at all, back to red! Yes that was exaggerating, and that is how it is! Answered my own question why so many run red lights! Who knows what to expect any more? Stupid lights!

Jeers: Stopped at a red light in front of Youth Ranch. Jeers to the large GMC that pulled out that parking lot right up to my passenger door, blocking right lane. He kept honking for me to move! Where does this idiot think I can go? I threw up my arms and mumbled, “That is your problem.” He kept honking. The car behind me backed up a little and the Yukon, whatever, backed up and went out sideways almost tearing off the back of my car, crossing over all the lanes of Caldwell Boulevard! Wow! Have a safe 4th everyone, with all the crazies out there!

Jeers: It is so dangerous to stop for cars coming out of parking lots, alleys, etc., when they want to cross over more than one lane to get across the whole intersection. Not every lane can see you or stops. If you are entering into traffic, you do not have the right of way! And we do not have to stop for you. You got in that lot, you need to leave when it is safe for everyone!

Jeers: Once again, my house has survived the 4th of July war zone unscathed. I’m thankful for that. But it always feels like a near thing. Countless neighbors were shooting off aerial fireworks with great abandon, starting early in the evening and running past midnight. This year seemed to be the worst in my memory. When will the legislature address the stupid loophole allowing “illegal” fireworks to be sold if the customer signs a pledge not to shoot them off in Idaho? The pledge is meaningless and clearly no one honors it. Let’s just make them illegal to sell at all in Idaho. I know that people will find a way to get them anyway, but let’s at least make it take more effort to get them; it might deter a few people at least. When will there will be effective enforcement of the aerial fireworks laws? Ada county seems to have the right idea. Let’s see Canyon County and the cities of Nampa and Caldwell crack down on these scofflaws. The current situation is a joke, but it’s a really really bad joke.

Jeers to neighbors who every year light the fireworks and scare the poor pets to death for one WHOLE week before the 4th! Poor animals! From dusk on and some start at 11 p.m.! Needs more law enforcement.

Jeers to the late night fireworks show in the residential area between NNU and Roosevelt Street . Or maybe we should thank those people setting off the loud fireworks well after midnight. Some of us have to work on July 5 so thank you for forcing your noisemakers on us well after midnight. Thank you for your inconsideration. Thank you to Nampa PD for doing nothing … year after year. Thank you Nampa for allowing all this to happen. Thank you, because this will be my last Independence Day in Nampa. Nampa’s incompetence is driving me away.

Cheers to the person who posted a jeer about Midland Boulevard being a race track. Yes, I do agree with you. Midland is a racetrack and should be patrolled more often. I rarely see police patrol on Midland. In respect to our law enforcement I do realize they can’t be everywhere but this boulevard has become ridiculous.

Cheers to the city of Caldwell for an awesome day of events at A Century Celebration — 100th Anniversary of Memorial Parks and the End of War War I. Very encouraging and inspiring!

Cheers to whoever replaced the flag on the top of Liberty Butte. It was so nice to see it flying proudly on America’s Independence Day.

Jeers to the people who insisted on setting off the big, unlawful fireworks. I think this is the year for our Legislature to take charge and make these fireworks illegal. Enough of this nonsense.

Jeers: With all the new people in the area, there are a few things you need to be aware of. The speed limit on the freeway in the valley is 65 NOT 80. It is illegal to have bicycles and bicycle racks covering your Idaho license plates. Also in Idaho, if you have a lawn, you water and mow it.

Cheers to the Nampa Highway Department and the fantastic job they have done with the new roundabouts on Robinson Road, just outside of Nampa. So fantastic! Check them out.

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