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Cheers to the Caldwell Walmart vision center! I discovered on Memorial Day I needed an adjustment to the fit of my eyeglasses. Now where can that be done on a holiday? I discovered two women holding down the fort at the vision center in the Caldwell Walmart.While one of them politely fielded calls, informing callers no doctors were in that day & sweetly scheduling appointments for future dates, her coworker took my glasses into the lab to adjust them. I was very pleased these two women showed up for work on that holiday. 

Cheers for the Melba Senior Center, its director Michelle Martinez, and its amazing volunteers for pulling together a wonderful lunch on short notice in memory of our mother Afine Relk. It was the perfect venue for friends and family to celebrate her life after the graveside service on June 14. Our mom would trek out every Thursday to take part in the Center’s lunch. Our parents founded the Nampa Farmers Market; we are happy to see Michelle and Melba doing the same. Thank you, Michelle and staff, for having one last lunch with our mom and your friend.

Cheers for finally putting in a round about at Kings Rd and Victory, Can’t wait. Long overdue.

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