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Jeers to people that can’t or won’t leave their pets at home. When left in the car, they are miserable and barking while you are shopping. You know, not everyone loves your pet like you or wants them next to us in the store! It’s hot out now. Leave them at home! A pet’s place is not in stores except for pet shops.

Jeers to Coach Bryan Harsin — the highest paid State of Idaho employee — who did not dress up for the Sports Stars award banquet in June. Poor reflection on Boise State University.

Jeers to parents I see riding with their kids and themselves not wearing helmets. I’m glad to see your kids with protective helmets. Go an extra step and be an example to your children. You also might save them from being without a parent in their future! Wear a helmet! And my pet peeve is two bicyclists side by side in the bike lane. I admire your exercise ethic, but if you want to chitchat do it elsewhere, not on your bikes.

Jeer to “The Squad” — Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, N.Y.; Ilhan Omar, Minn.; Rashida Tlaib, Mich.; and Ayanna Pressley, Mass. When their mouths are open and their lips are moving that’s when their brains shut off!

Jeers if you believe that ex-president “C” of the U.S., of which we know was and is a womanizer, took several trips with Jeffery Epstein and he didn’t know anything about the underage girls, then I have some beach front property in Arizona for sale.

Jeers to the Democratic Party in general and Democrats nationwide for their continuous efforts to overturn the 2016 election and their continued harassment of President Trump. Millions of taxpayer dollars and countless hours of government time have been lost by their foolish and irresponsible efforts at undermining our president.

Cheers to Tyler Crowe for presenting himself in business casual attire at the Sports Stars awards banquet in June.

Cheers to the city of Nampa for the stunningly beautiful hanging flower baskets all over town, and for keeping them maintained all through the hot weather!! So nice.

Cheers to the person that said the city of Nampa is full of incompetent employees. I have first-hand experience with them. Nampa could be a really good place to live. My wife and I are leaving next summer and going back to civilization.

Cheers to the U.S. postal employees. These hardworking individuals slog through snow and ice and endure high temperatures. They deliver my mail right to my home. Please don’t forget the workers behind the scenes, making sure you get your mail to the correct address in a timely manner. No one opens my mail and reads or steals valuables as happens in corrupt counties. And I’ve always had the best service possible at the front desk. I’ve seen the clerk suggest a less costly option to customers! Where else does that happen? Might I suggest giving your mail carrier a piece of fruit, or ice cold water or other small treat and smile and say thank you.

Cheers to customer service at the Idaho Press! Being disabled, my regular delivery person knows right where my paper has to be for easy access. On Tuesday, my paper was misplaced and out of reach. The sprinklers totally soaked it. Assuming that my regular person was on vacation, I just wanted the paper to know so that I could get a credit for that day. That afternoon, a new paper was delivered AND on Wednesday, I received Tuesday’s paper again (just in case). That is what you call great customer service. Thank you! I love the Idaho Press!

Cheers to swivel chairs for being the one remaining thing in American society that hasn’t been politicized. Used to be you could talk about the weather without getting into a political argument. Now it becomes a global warming spat. Used to be you could watch sports. Not anymore. Now we have woke jocks extolling their hatred for the president. Entertainment industry award shows? Forget about it! Disney, once known for Mickey Mouse and Goofy, is now taking stands on abortion. Thank God for swivel chairs for being the one remaining thing that hasn’t been politicized! Chair races, anyone?

Jeers: What has happened to respect? I recently went to a funeral a lot of people came in short shorts or unsightly wear. What about respect for the families. Also there were small children there who do not understand what it means to go in and sit quietly for 30 minutes. This not only happens at funerals but what about church or other gatherings. I realize sometimes this can not be helped. What happened to teaching children there is a time & place for being quiet. And this goes for adults who insist on having their phones on.

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