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Cheers to all the Idaho Team Ropers, young and old, who did well at the roping in Winnemucca this past weekend.

Cheers: God bless the firefighters and first responders of all kinds, for everything they do on daily basis in the West with the fires, in the East with the weather there. Be safe! We keep you in our prayers daily! Son is out there in it all.

Jeers: No Solicitation Sign means just that! On Monday alone we had 4 different groups knocking at the door! Selling goods, roofing etc. NONE wearing a mask! We do not know where you have been. Talking and breathing on everyone! One asked if the sign included them? Tough times, but stay away! People will call you when needed!

Jeers to a business, most everything broken, hanging hinges in bathroom! Paper towel holder hanging. No paper towel, soap! TP dispensers duct taped to stay together, stall door 2 locks broke hanging off the hinge! Yet, restroom was fairly clean. So many out of work, you NEED a repairman!

Cheers to the Idaho Press for their continued full-page display of Covid precautions that we should all welcome and follow. … Diversify your research and news outlets and open your eyes to the truth.

Jeers to the local news stations and to Idaho Press. Saturday morning from about 9 to 11 a.m. there was a massive prayer walk and rally in downtown Boise. … I searched the local TV news stations and Sunday’s edition of the Idaho Press in vain for even a slight mention of the event. There was coverage of the 50 or so people who held a Trump rally in the afternoon. I am sadly disappointed!

Editor’s note: We appreciate reader input and understand your disappointment that the Prayer Walk did not get the coverage you would have liked to see. While we previewed the event in our Community Calendar, we unfortunately have limited staff resources on Saturdays. Like other businesses, this pandemic has hit us hard. The reason we had a reporter in downtown Boise on Saturday is because police were preparing for multiple marches and demonstrations that day, and we wanted to be prepared.

Cheers to the Idaho Press for having a fairly comprehensive page reporting on Covid-19. I wonder if the Idaho Press can please provide some context when it comes to multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children. It’s a scary thing for a parent to read about and much needed context would be helpful. One important fact being that doctors don’t know what causes it so it would be rather dishonest to link that to COVID-19 without the facts in hand to prove that there is a link. Is it wise to have that up without any science proving there’s a link?

Editor’s note: Thank you for this request and feedback. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention acknowledges that it is still learning about multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, or MIS-C, and that it will continue to update its recommendations based on the best data and science available. The CDC’s website states: “We know that many children with MIS-C had the virus that causes COVID-19, or had been around someone with COVID-19. … Based on what we know now about MIS-C, the best way you can protect your child is by taking everyday actions to prevent your child and the entire household from getting the virus that causes COVID-19.” The condition can be very serious, but most children diagnosed with MIS-C have gotten better with medical care, according to the CDC.

Jeers: I was reading the article written by Dr. Peter Kozisek today (Sept. 23). The Dr. said he left FMRI and joined the Idaho WWAMI admissions committee. I reread the article to see what these letters refer to. No explanation in the article. My medical knowledge is limited. I miss the days when explanations of acronyms were included.

Editor’s note: Thanks for letting us know about the confusion around the acronyms, that’s helpful feedback. FMRI is mentioned in the column as Family Medicine Residency of Idaho, and WWAMI stands for the states served by the University of Washington School of Medicine: Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho.

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