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Jeers to the two men in the truck that would not slow down for the mother with 2 young deer crossing the road in McCall.  They hit the back end of the young deer and then laughed about it.  I'm don't understand why this is something to smile about.  

CHEERS for the full page "Covid/true enemy" ad. What a great idea and so unifying! It's hard to imagine anyone who would not support such an accurate and well-intended message (although we seem to have some who are determined to be divisive no matter what). Thank you for this gesture. Please know that there are many who surely appreciate this action and message! As usual, the Idaho Press is taking the high road.

Jeers: Idaho is now Califidaho! Please drive with respect when moving here. We do not tolerate aggressive driving to the point of Road Rage, Speeders, Tailgaters! Take your old State plates off of your cars, we do not care where you are from. We care how about our safety, when you are going/driving!!

Cheers to Rick who stopped to help us when our car stalled on Northside Blvd. When he couldn't start it, he towed us all the way to the garage. He stayed to see we were taken care of. A couple of 90 plus seniors thank you so much, bless you Rick!

Cheers to the social workers, VA mental health and Veterans crisis hotline, and my brother because they are my family, and also those veterans who are patients because they are what holds me together. Cheers to a forum where people can speak up about the problems that exist and are being forgotten in their community because too much has fallen on deaf ears and a failure to communicate. Cheers to the fact that remember what JFK said about helping your country or Martin Luther King who had a dream, and we can make it happen through working together with hope.

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