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Jeers to the Caldwell “fast food” business where it took 40 minutes to get through the drive-through to pick up a late lunch. Whether it was new employees, lack of employees, or just slow employees, management needs to correct whatever the problem is.

Jeers: It’s only been thirty years since the federal Americans with Disabilities Act passed. How much longer will disabled patrons visiting Nampa city parks be unable to use the restrooms due to the lack of handicapped grab-bars in them?!

Jeers to whom ever is responsible but during this last wind storm there was a pretty good sized branch blown down out of the trees at Central Elementary grade school here in Nampa. It has been some time ago that I wrote about trimming those very trees and that sometime there will be no good to come out of it if you don’t.

Cheers to the cities of Star and Eagle for their decisions to declare themselves a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City, thereby opposing any potential state or federal legislation “that would infringe upon the right to keep and bear arms ... or would require firearms owner’s ID card or tax the possession of the firearms or ammunition.” And a double cheers to Eagle for their support of the Eagle Police Department!

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