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Cheers: Thank you for Bob Kustra’s Community Member comments. I always find Bob’s perspective objective, insightful and honest. He writes well and has a good mind! Especially the recent submission where he recalled his day in New York on 9.11.01. Thanks Bob!

Cheers: Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku outlined his experience of unfair treatment as a black man. This is a man who is trying to make a better world amid the negative obstacles. Please remember that people of color deserve the respect of their peers.

Jeers: Smokers & their discarded butts littering where every they feel like dropping it. Shame on you. Either quit smoking or discard your butts responsibly.

Cheers: Thank you to Dr. Kituku for his great article on the Burden of Being Black. In Idaho we do not have that many blacks so have limited exposure. He is right about the burden. I have met many & find them to be just great people doing their best to survive in a pretty hostile world. The media does not help at all. Hang in there Dr. — You are doing more good with you article than you can imagine. You & your family would be welcome in my home any time.

Jeers to the modern churches that have jettisoned the great sacred music of our long tradition. Even good songs from the 80s are abandoned in favor of ever newer songs. (If only we were as keen to obey the rest of scripture as we are Ps. 96:1.) If only the new songs were profound and beautiful, rather than repetitive and pedestrian. But before we even learn them (by ear), they’re typically replaced by another equally monotonous “new song”. And what happened to choirs? They’ve given way to amateur “worship leaders” for some reason. Did we fix something not even broken?

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