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Cheers: Great big cheers go out to Zeyer Funeral Chapel and the Zeyer family for giving out sweet corn for the last several years at there funeral home in Nampa for the public to enjoy. Some of the best sweet corn we had this year. Thanks again. Rick & Sue

Jeers: I’ve put off writing you for a long time in hopes the issue I’m writing about would be resolved but it hasn’t been. Like another recent opinion-page writer and others I know have said, the newsprint of the Idaho Press is too faded to comfortably read--some almost not readable at all. The problem seems to be lack of contrast between the print color and the paper color. And I’ve got up-to-date glasses that are fine. Since so many younger news-hungry people now get their news from the internet, I think that many of your subscribers are older readers like me who like to read a paper they hold in their hands. I therefore think it would benefit you business-wise to make the Press more readable to that segment of readership. It would also consequently benefit us readers who want to buy and read your paper but are having too much difficulty doing it.

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