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Jeers to the man in the bright yellow vest who allowed his 2 Spaniel type dogs to swim over to the huge flock of ducks in the pond at Kleiner Park. It was a mass exit. I saw you enter the park and they were pulling very hard on their leashes to get over to the pond. Now I know why. I’m not a big duck fan, but this is their place, and what you did seemed out of place.

Cheers to the custom service at Vic’s Pharmacy! Sean was so helpful and knowledgeable. It is nice to know there is a pharmacy still out there that will listen and help. Thank you!

Jeers to whomever took the Biden/Harris sign from our yard on 10-24. The neighbors sign was also missing. We know this is the reddest of red states, but people should at least respect that there can be other opinions. We have not defaced anyone’s Trump banners. Other neighbors have also been threatened because they had Biden/Harris in their yards. This is not appropriate. Everything in this state seems to be about the Constitution. Well, we have freedom of speech as much as any Republican!

Cheers to Homedale ambulance crew and Canyon county paramedics who are great people and are an asset to the community. Cheers to the Michael Rotter family who help me in so many ways and are angels who look over me. I can’t thank them enough because they have been there for me. Cheers to the Veterans hospital that has give me outstanding care and the step down unit and the doctors are great and so are the other staff who assisted me. I’ve been fortunate to have great care from staff at West Valley Medical Center (nurse Chris) and Saint Al’s and I thank you. Cheers to the Jack in the Box on 10th Ave., Caldwell, who helped me when I fell and also the customer who also assisted me to a chair because these are great people. I also thank Kool Cab employees who helped me in so many ways because they have been a life saver.

Jeers to Idaho Lottery for selling so many Christmas Scratch Tickets in OCT!! Christmas seems to have lost all meaning! Thanksgiving seems to be Forgotten? Wake UP! BE Thankful for what You Do Have and Give Thanks to the Good Lord above every Thanksgiving. Which by the way is BEFORE Christmas!

JEERS to local newspapers that issued the voting guides after early voting has begun. Because of this, early voters were not able to view local candidate stances prior to voting.

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