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Cheers to the Discovery Center of Idaho and their current exhibit, King Tut – Treasures of the Tomb. Our family, consisting of a set of grandparents, married children, and three of their five children (ages 6 to 11), had the opportunity to travel back in time to explore the beautiful displays of ancient Egypt and King Tut. What a grand experience! The staff was knowledgeable and very excited to share information about all this exhibit has to offer. Employees were very conscientious of all of the covid requirements like social distancing and cleanliness. A must see in downtown Boise.

Jeers to the BSU athletic dept for not scheduling a few games to be televised locally for alumni and lifelong fans to watch during the pandemic where stadium seating will be limited as will bar access to watch on cable.

Cheers to IPT for their continued awareness program of proper Covid protocol. Nice to have our local paper support the science behind the measures.

JEERS to all who fish at the Settler’s Park Pond in Meridian and do not clean up loose tackle. There are not tall grasses around the perimeter for your tackle to tangle in so badly that you cannot retrieve it. This park has the second highest call rate for animal rescue in the Valley — usually waterfowl entanglements. Not practicing ordinary responsible sportsmanship is irresponsible and not necessary. Should our next step be to petition Fish and Game to stop stocking the Pond? I don’t think so if you will only do your part in cleaning up after yourself. PLEASE!!! And, CHEERS to those groups and organizations who are willing to step up and rescue as many animals and waterfowl as they can — usually on a volunteer basis and who fit their rescues into already busy schedules

Jeers to all retailers (and radio) who are celebrating Christmas without giving Halloween or Thanksgiving a second thought. We may be told to social distance but no one said we shouldn’t be thankful. Is it because a Christmas gift can be sent without breaking any social distancing rules? Candy can be thrown into a bucket from 6 feet away and touched less than a gift sent through the mail. Why is Halloween and Thanksgiving not allowed yet Christmas is? It’s not our birthday anyway. We should be thankful for today, love Jesus every day and take Christmas off the shelves too.

CHEERS!! To all the poll workers. Our experience at O’Connor Field House this morning was professional, efficient and friendly. Thank you all so much!

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