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Cheers to Claire Connley and her amazing Library staff for all they have done to keep the Nampa Library functioning for the Nampa Community while striving to keep the community and her staff safe while following scientific and medical advice. The inauguration of the new window for library material holds is another example of providing much needed and safe services, particularly during this pandemic.

Cheers to the crew working at DK Donuts in Boise who responded with fire extinguishers and put out a car on fire after an accident on State Street in front of their store in the early morning hours of October 24th.

Jeers to 2020! That is all. Happy Election Day! and Glad it is over!

Cheers to the staff at Nampa Michaels who went out of their way to price just One item I really wanted and there were no others! It is perfect! Thanks.

Cheers to Boise Brewing for demonstrating such admirable Covid-compliance...from expanded outside seating, distanced tables, and mask-wearing to a QR code on every table so patrons can opt to provide contact information should it be needed for contact tracing. Bravo!

Cheers to Dr. Wilper chief of staff VA Hospital who said, “ can choose whether to wear a mask, because someone was willing to die for your freedom. That same person who helped protect that right needs your help protecting them. One in 10 Idahoans is a veteran.” Choose to WEAR A MASK!

Cheers to the muter button! The invention of the mute button, for football fans, is what the invention of the wheel was to transportation. Whoever invented the mute button should be nominated for sainthood by the Catholic Church.

Cheers to all the poll workers. To all those that have worked so hard to make it possible for us to vote. To those that have put in time and exposure to the Covid-19 in the early election process and the actual election day. Thank You!

Cheers to the Idaho Press for selection of the new and well-rounded Editorial Board, and cheers to the individual Board members for stepping forward to perform this great community service! They started off with a home run in the 11-1-20 Opinion calling for stronger state leadership during this pandemic. Congratulations to all!

Jeers to the probably 50% of shoppers in a smaller grocery store in Nampa who were without masks. When will you get it? And cheers to the sweet little girl-probably about 5 years old who asked her daddy why people weren’t wearing masks. Good job to her parents! People who don’t wear masks obviously have not seen firsthand what this virus does. I pray you never have to find out, like I did. Taking away your rights? It’s more like protecting them. Wake up people — please!

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