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Cheers: Thank you to Cinde Winters, her husband, coaches and kiddos from the Rockies 13U Baseball team. They raked all my leaves Saturday, and I was so pleased with their efforts. Rake-Up Nampa is a blessing for this 94 year old! Thanks again Cindy and fellows.

Jeers: Jobs are needed. So sick, sick, of customer service agents who do not give a crap about their customers or their companies. Please HIRE people who give a care! Terrible to get anything accomplished any more!

Jeers: Please radar the Catholic school zone on the Holly Street curve in Nampa! Afternoon, flashing lights and we counted 7 cars that just zoomed around us!! Why is this allowed to happen in school zones? Stupid drivers tailgate or run you over if you are obeying, and going 20 mph. Ticket and fine! Maybe they will pay attention!!

Jeers: Why is the speed limit on Hawaii Avenue still 20 mph? St. Al’s Hospital and Mercy Hospital are gone! You never see a car going 20 mph! They think it reads 40! Walking to the mailbox, this mail truck was doing at least 45 mph. She did not even notice me waving her to slow down! Unsafe for pedestrians! Please ticket drivers, or change this speed limit!!

Jeers: Major phone company. To not have to wait on the phone, waited 35 minutes! Get a call back. Lady put me on hold for 27 more minutes! Never came back! Customer for over 30 years! Then loyalty department, put me on hold for 20 more minutes! I hung up! I quit! Soon, I may not be a loyal customer. This happens a lot!!

Jeers: Where are the police? Have we defunded them so much that they cannot perform traffic safety? People are speeding, running red lights like no other, doing many poor traffic choices! Used to see police out and about if needed, or radaring. Put them back on the streets for our safety!

Cheers and thank you to Idaho Press online edition for reverting to the previous format of full pages rather than a slim left hand column of the pages. It’s much easier to navigate and to read. Again, thank you.

Editor’s note: E-edition readers can choose from the “Live article view” or the “Replica view,” which is the full-page option. To choose, click on “View” at the top right-hand corner of the e-edition web page.

CHEERS to the wonderful guys that helped me to the hospital on Nov. 7th after taking a “flop” at home. May God bless you EMTs, firemen and all medical personnel. Thank you.

Jeers to ITD. I have been asking their PR for 3+ years if the eastbound entry way at exit 25 could be repainted to increase visibility, especially at night. They agreed with me that it needed painting. When it was not done that year, it was because the weather was to cold or the equipment broke down. Cheers to ITD for remarking the westbound off ramp on exit 25 a couple of weeks ago. However, they could not stripe the east bound on ramp that was less than 200 feet away. Therefore, a second Jeer. Maybe next year?

Cheers to the Emmett High School football team and coaches for an outstanding season. What an honor to play in the state championship game on Saturday. With a student body of just over 700, EHS is one of the smallest 4A schools and competes with schools of over 1,260 students. Congratulations to a small town success.

Jeers to entrapment & false advertisement! Jeers to the businesses who advertise “FREE” Flue Shots. There is nothing FREE about them! The Flu Shot MUST be covered by an individual’s medical insurance in order for it to be of no cost to the person. None of these places are “giving away” Flu Shots completely and totally “FREE.”

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