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Jeers: My husband and I live on Franklin Blvd in Nampa,Id. We moved here four years ago from Boise enjoying the country life. Unfortunately we are beginning to feel like we live on I-84 as the traffic is horrible and the people driving act like it is a race track. We do have a speed limit and we would really appreciate those driving from I-84 to Chinden and Chinden to I-84 to respect the speed limit and the people who live along the road as this is not a race track for automobiles and trucks.

CHEERS TO TERRY COLLINS who was so nice to bring pizza to the election workers on Tuesday November 3rd at The Deer Flat Free Methodist Church. It was so much appreciated and made a long day much brighter.

Jeers to all the ones that won’t wear masks in the stores even though there is a sign at the entrance saying mask required. I don’t think a mask mandate would matter either to these people. Therefore the virus spreads!

Cheers: Thank you to the Rake-up group who raked up my yard. They are super group and they included Debbie Kling, the mayor of Nampa. Wonderful people!

CHEERS to all who exercised their right to vote! AND for all those who facilitated the process. Once again, the United States of America is an example of democracy at work. Hurray for the Red, White, and Blue!

Cheers, Thank you for your support to myself as a (DAV) Disabled American Veteran and my fellow Veterans for recognizing us with respect and kindness. Helping our broken bodies heal with your professional massages. Thanks again to Moon Blossom Day Spa Nampa.

Jeers to our family gym! We understand guidelines are inevitable at present, but families & friends still workout together. Social Distancing is criteria but not to the point of isolation. Separating all of our equipment is irritating, especially when we are still paying for memberships. We can workout together 6 feet apart but not clear across the room. Having one ladder & stair stepper, or eliptical, treadmill, bicycle, etc. across the room from others is senseless. Two together 6 or more feet apart will still allow us to workout together on likewise equipment yet also keep social distance criteria.

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