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Cheers to Eagle Mayor Jason Pierce for hosting his hour long “Coffee With The Mayor” meeting every Wednesday morning beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Webex. Anyone is welcome to join the Mayor for updates on Eagle city government activities, to ask questions, or just comment on what might be on their minds. No need to dress up or leave home. (How else can you talk to a Mayor wearing just your pajamas)? To access, use the Webex meeting number is 624 749 752 and the password JpCMuJhn293.

Cheers to Middleton High School staff. I attended the Walk of Honor & Tassel Ceremony and they did a wonderful job honoring the class of 2020. It was very organized and a lot of fun. Thank you for all your hard work, it was very much appreciated by the graduates and their families.

Cheers: A huge thank you to the Nampa Fire Department for rescuing ducklings that had fallen into two very deep storm drains. Our family has relied on the NFD before at times when we needed assistance taking care of our elderly parents. Their quick response and kindness helped make this task a bit easier. Encourage all to read Psalm 50:10-11.

Jeers to the Idaho Press on not printing the picture and write-up of the two local high schools who were participating in the Vans Custom Culture competition. The deadline for voting was May 15th and the article and story came out in the Sunday May 24th addition. It was too late to vote by that time. These kids and their instructor, Dan Andrews, work so hard a little more recognition would be nice.

Cheers to Canyon County and Owyhee County because they have the greatest people and our hospitals are number one. Cheers because the communities in these countries represent the real America and the kindness of the people and the mayors care about those in the communities. Cheers because these communities help those in need, and they are very charitable, because they are what America once was and that is working together and standing together. Cheers because look at these communities and how they honor the veterans because it makes you feel proud and good.

Jeers to the contractor doing the work on W Flamingo between Cassia and Middleton roads. The signs say it will closed until May 20th. Today, the 22nd, it’s not looking like it’s anywhere near being finished. Jeers to the city agency who oversees this type of work.

Jeers to an outdoors recreational store in Nampa where there was NO ONE with a mask on! I asked the cashier why no one was wearing a mask & she said “because corporate had not made it mandatory”!! What about the state asking you to wear a mask. I told her I was glad I was wearing a mask to protect her! BOO!


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