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Jeers to a local restaurant for opening their restaurant almost three weeks before the phase two reopening, potentially risking the well being of its patrons. A lot of small businesses are struggling, but at least most showed responsibility by staying closed.

Jeers: One of our home delivery company’s refuse to ring the bell or knock on the door when they leave a package. I tried to go online to ask why and after I typed my question I got NOTICE THAT IF I FILLED OUT A FORM AND paid $1.00 They would then give me the answer! In other wards they got their money for shipping and if I need to know when it’s left at my door it will cost me another dollar!!

Cheers to the Idaho Press and every media outlet for their non-stop coverage of the coronavirus outbreak .I was getting SO tired of hearing about global warming all the time.

Jeers to those public speakers who get us all misusing and overusing the same few terms ad nauseum. These terms are generally padded with extra syllables to add gravitas. Examples: positive and negative, used when a simple good or bad would suffice. “Resilient”, “facility”, and “perspective” are overused today, as are “in our DNA”, “up and running”, “going forward”, “along the way”, and “one —————— at a time”. Misused, abused, and overused is many politicians’ warm-and-fuzzy polysyllabic favorite, “community”, typically substituted for “city”, “town” or “neighborhoods”. The word “community” should be reserved for groups, not locales, ie. “the business community”.

Jeers to people of Canyon County! During middle stages of COVID-19 lock down the majority of people were docile, peaceful and considerate to each other when public exposure was necessary. After Idaho began re-open on May 1st people swarmed stores and roads. By mid-week people were back to being hostile, inconsiderate and crazed with hate. Do WE seriously NEED a Crisis to Keep People KIND-HEARTED & PEACEFUL??!! One would think this nationwide threat would have taught everyone valuable lessons of what life should really be. What a saddened world when normal, typical days consist of friction, disruption and discord.

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