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Cheers to the unsung heroes in the fight against coronavirus because there are so many taking up the fight and they are not in it for the glory nor the pay, because they are in the trenches and taking the battle head on and should be remembered. Cheers to these men and women because they are America’s finest and they wear different uniforms but they are united in the battle to save lives. Jeers to those who complain and do nothing but find fault and make excuses and play the blame game when they should do their part.

Cheers to all those willing to go to the slight inconvenience of wearing a mask when in a public space such a grocery store. It shows you have respect for others and don’t want to even appear to be willing to risk having your respirated microdroplets, which may contain corona virus, to suspend in the air others may breathe or settle on surfaces others may touch. It also shows a willingness to comply with lawful public health orders issued by duly elected leaders even when inconvenienced.


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