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Jeers to the schools shutting down, but giving out food and telling people and kids to social distance. What do you think happens when you hand out food? Adults and kids see each other and meet and talk. What about workers being sick? If you want people to stay home then don’t set them up to go out.

Jeer!! And I do mean Jeers!! Spit On, Yelled At, Attacked: Chinese-Americans Fear for Their Safety… What in the world is the matter with people? This isn’t anybody’s fault for the covid-19 virus it just happens… just like the measles resurfacing.. it happens Get over it!

Cheers to the College of Idaho for making gut wrenching choices to close the campus in the first days of the C-19 virus. Getting ahead of information, taking your stewardship over the student body seriously, and ensuring stable, safe, housing for every student, took a ton of work and real courage.

Cheers to Stores hit by panic buying hoarders. Although stores are bringing in thousands of dollars every day and are gaining financially, it’s straining the products, stocks, sane public and employees to keep up with. When this is all over, guaranteed, there will be extended lines of people expecting to return their over-stocks of hoards. ALL stores, especially Wal-Marts should have a “No Return Policy” on ALL household, cleaning, bathroom, kitchen, grocery, first aid, survival, hand sanitizer and all paper products purchased during COVID-9 Coronovirus Pandemic. “All Sales Are Final” will detour the Insane impulses of these selfish people.

Cheers to all local and nationwide businesses, facilities and companies who are complementarily extending and forgiving accounts, due dates and deadlines during the coronavirus pandemic. This has been a great relief and help for many people and families. They understand the hardships, stresses and strain this nationwide crisis has put on the overall Health and Well Being of All people. We hope our Gym also realizes the effects their closures have had on the health and well-being of members and will be extending our memberships without extra charges, especially for those who payed an entire Year’s membership in Advance.

Jeers! How do the people driving the golf carts on the city streets avoid having to license or permit them? As you know if you have a car, truck, motorcycle, jet ski, ATV etc… they all have to be licensed or permitted. How come the people driving the golf carts just have a slow moving vehicle sign and that is all? These are city streets and not the farm. I had a pickup behind my house with no engine and I was made to license it.. and it didn’t even run. What is wrong with this picture? Just curious..

Jeers to Our Local All Night Grocery Store. We sincerely understand it’s difficult keeping up with shoppers during this Coronavirus Pandemic but making people of all ages & heath stand outside In the ICEY Wind Wednesday Night In Line was maliciously irrisponsible. “Making People Sick Will Only Worsen Matters!” Most of our local stores have large enough foyers to create waiting lines if necessary and keep people safely out of the elements. I am not quite 60 so I cannot partake in the specialized shopping but standing outside in the elements is not an option either.

Jeers to Ammond Bundy and his opposition to Gov. Little’s order to” Stay at Home”. Where is his sense of doing something to help others rather than thinking only of himself? Does he not realized this is temporary? Is he in the “at risk” population? Far better that we should keep ourselves and others safe, rather than be responsible for adding to the Community spread.

Cheers to the Albertsons store Director Jeff and employees at the Caldwell store on Cleveland. Everyone there is so very helpful and friendly even though some people give them a bad time by not having the shelves stocked. You are all doing a great job! Thank you!

Jeers to the gas stations. Pricing for barrels of oil are really low. Gas is way less in other states. Wish we were under 2 bucks a gallon.

Cheers to the EMTs of Homedale Idaho and Canyon county paramedics because they are the best at what they do because they transferred me twice to Caldwell hospital and I received outstanding care. Cheers to West Valley Medical hospital ER and Doctor Lee and Doctor Dixon because they care about their patients and the nurses, lab techs, RT and those who do X-rays and MRI’S are the best at what they do and it is with care and compassion. Cheers to these unsung heroes who are on the front lines making a difference and doing it with compassion.

Jeers to the Various Health Depts for just reporting Covid-19 from Counties rather than cities! If you say Canyon County has 30 cases, it would be nice to know what area the is. it’s quite a distance from Middleton to Nampa it certainly would relive some of the panic.

Jeers: I drove by today 3/29/2020 the old KMART parking lot and could not believe what I saw, a car dealership’s big tent set up and having a tent car lot sale? WHATTTTTT I thought we were to not have big crowds, our church has not held services for 3-weeks and the golf course I work at is closed till April 15. What gives with this dealership, are you special?

Cheers to the young girl at Walmart who paid for my senior citizen father’s bananas on Friday March 27th. He was standing in line behind a cautious family wearing black masks. After they made their purchases and began to leave she turned around and handed the clerk money for my Dad’s purchase. She said he waited in line such a long time that she wanted to buy his bananas, and gave him a big smile. She really made his day, it would be wonderful having more kind-hearted people like her, not only in a crisis but in everyday life.

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