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Cheers to Wells Fargo Bank at 823 Cleveland Boulevard in Caldwell. Our experience with Wells Fargo Bank, in general, has by far not been the best in all the years we have banked with them, however this particular branch stays open one hour later than any other Wells Fargo. They also have the best, respectful and polite customer service in Caldwell. Although I live outside of town I will drive the extra few miles to this particular Wells Fargo Bank for my services. I hope they continue to set a good example for all Wells Fargo banks.

Cheers to all the dedicated medical and support staff who are serving those stricken with the Coronavirus. They are on the front line working under extreme conditions.

Cheers to the Caldwell Public Library for putting in there book sale Section where discarded and donated books can be shelved for patrons to purchase at a small price on the honor System. This is wonderful to be able to walk into the library and not only check out books or media but also to purchase items for themselves as well as friends and family members. It's great to keep our community reading, learning and experiencing wonderful Adventures through good old-fashioned books.

Cheers to Caldwell Family YMCA for having a free Book Exchange for children and adults. Members can bring, take, exchange and donate books to read. It's great that in such an electronically crazed world we still have the ability to promote traditional book reading, which in turn limits the use of Electronics that have been linked so severely with eyesight problems as well as muscular skeletal problems. Cheers to the YMCA as well for strictly prohibiting the use of cell phones in locker rooms and restrooms. It's wonderful to finally have a completely private locker room.

Cheers: We were recently at Fred Meyer and my wife and I were trying to get a 50lb. bag of bird seed into our cart outside. Suddenly a lady came up behind us who had just gotten off her bike and helped load the bag for us. We thanked her very much and went into the store to finish our shopping. When we came out and went to our car, the same lady came hurrying over and said she would load the bag for us. We are both seniors and really appreciated someone taking the time to help us.

Cheers to Dave Yoshida, a wonderful Nampa businessman who just retired. His service was always prompt and thorough. His customers became friends and returned time and again. We wish you and your wife a great retirement!

Cheers: To the Contractor Who Care program established by National Association Of The Remodeling Industry (NARI). They provide labor and materials for small remodeling projects needed by people with physical limitations.  They helped to remodel a kitchen for a wheelchair dependent man. This group has made a difference in the quality of life for many.

Jeers to the painter who cheated my elderly friend with outrageous prices. My friend is a naive 80 year old widow, who trusted you, and you cheated her. Charging her $2,400 to paint a shed, and you did not even do a good job. And charging $1,200 to paint one side of a 100 foot long wooden fence. You should be ashamed of yourself. I just found out about this, and you will never do this to her again. I urge other people to avoid you too. Shame on you.

Jeers to suicide because I lost two great friends and I wish I could have save them because they were wonderful people who always were willing to lend a hand and help out those in need. Jeers because no one knows what one is thinking or feeling when in crisis and yet there are those who are judgmental and are quick to judge. Jeers because one death is too many and there is not enough being done to stop suicide, and cheers to Cottonwood Behavioral that is trying to make a difference and more is needed.

Jeers to those customers who are clearing off the shelves and hoarding toilet paper. For those of us with common sense and not panicking you are creating a problem for the elderly and sensible customers. You should be ashamed of yourselves! Thanks to you we have to drive extra miles just to try and find a basic necessity that should be available to all of us. I have lost all my faith in humanity.

Jeers to all the hoarders and people who take advantage and price gauge during a crisis. You contribute to the crisis, causing hardship on others.

Jeers to stores for not setting amount limits on items everyone can buy!

CHEERS! to the spot-on analysis of our "lovable scamps" in the state legislature from Dallas Chase printed in the Sunday Idaho Press Opinion Section and JEERS to those same folk who have wasted their time and MY money on passing "vanity" bills to pat each other on the back only to leave items such as budgeting and property tax relief to be hurried through with no real thought or debate. Shame on them! Re-Elect No One.

Jeers: Just wondering what has happened to common sense. We have been through so many types of flu and survived just fine. But this time the news media is having a hay day by making people panic over this. Is it really any worse than the swine flu, the bird flu and all those others types of flu? The flu always goes for the weakest and unfortunately that is usually the eldest and the youngest. Wash your hands! Keep clean! Use common sense! Please.

Jeers to the hoarders!!! What in the world are you going to do with all the Toilet paper you’ve taken- and water- what’s wrong with going to your sink and turning on the facet. Please, please be kind and share. This is crazy !!!!

Jeers to the greedy panic buyers and hoarders who have left our stores bare of everything. This is not the Holocaust, if people just use common sense, wash their hands, stay clean, and keep their sick kids and selves at home nobody will get hurt. Hopefully they look in the mirrors and at their foolish stock piles when this is all over and wonder at their own sanity and what they were thinking having ramen noodles and toilet paper stacked to the ceilings. Just wash your hands, stay clean and cover your mouth people!

Jeers to all the hoarders, panic buyers and resale cons. We have an entire state of "Chicken Little" fools. We have more to fear from them than we do the corona virus. Now that they have emptied our stores so other people and animals are without, hopefully they all lock themselves inside their houses for the next two months and keep their sick, toilet paper wrapped kids and selves away from us. Give the sane, hygeine clean people a chance to buy groceries, personal and household products, animal supplies and TOILET PAPER!

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