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Cheers to Tommy Ahlquist from a lifelong “liberal” Democrat from the Northeast USA for his eloquent and moving Guest Commentary in the June 2 edition. It’s reassuring to be reminded that there are those “across the aisle” with whom we can agree on this vital matter. The people of our nation must find ways to come together on this and other essential matters far more frequently than we have, especially in the last four years or so.

JEERS! Is no one else appalled by the information printed in this paper that named our Boise State Bronco Football coach as the highest paid state employee?? At a touch over $30K per WEEK! And the poor soul must take two weeks of furlough this year — however will he be able to buy food? What a disgusting commentary this makes for “higher education”.

Cheers to all cultures because we can learn from one another and build on that because we all have something to offer and the world is define by all people because united we create a better world. cheers because if you look at the military and how we come together as brothers and sisters and realize we all come from different cultures yet we all band together and stand for freedom. cheers because we are a nation of all people but we must fight hatred and discrimination because that is the poison that divides us and causes despair.


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