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Jeers to a local grocery store for selling literally 4 different face masks. 1 was made in Thailand. The other 3 made in China. Oh yeah, one of the China made was designed in the USA. Wow!!! USA options?? Frustrating!! China still making money. We can’t limit our buying with them??

Cheers to Greenleaf Friends Academy softball coach. She organized a game, food and awards for kids and family. The game was between the team vs family and staff. It was a fun game to watch. She really cares about the kids and it shows. Thank You coach Charla!

Jeers: I can’t see why we can’t have a July 4th parade because of the virus But we can have over 2,000 people at brothers park for the fire works. Don’t you think we have our priorities a little backwards? Think of the neighbors and all the noise & disrespect for the property owners.

Jeers: Treasure Valley Idahoans’ claim to be Law Abiding, God Fearing, Patriots. Yet, each 4 July for days these same people Terrorize True Patriots who served, now with PTSD or other scars; each flash explosion a reminder; their pets suffer to the point of seizures or flee in distress. By deployment of illegal, aerial, explosive fireworks, God’s Commandment of Loving Thy Neighbor and at least three Human Laws are violated. Thus, one has to ask; God Fearing, Law Abiding—Really? Where is the compassion, the mercy to your neighbors’ peace and solitude? Outlaw such Fireworks Entirely!

Jeers to the contractor doing the work on W Flamingo between Cassia and Middleton roads. The signs used to say it would be closed until May 20th, then it was changed to saying it will closed until June 20th. Today, the 22nd, it’s not looking like it’s anywhere near being finished. Jeers to the city agency who oversees this type of work and awards contracts to someone who doesn’t have the capacity to do the job.

Jeers to the local TV news stations. The local news presented by our local stations is not local news. They seem to have to go to their National News Correspondents for 90% of their news cast. I think that most of us tune into the local stations for LOCAL NEWS. We have plenty of National News Networks along with the Local Network National News. It would be nice to see what is going on locally and leave the National News to the National News Networks.

Cheers: To Id Press for Doonsbury! But Mr Right Wing, hack up a fur ball, had a hissy fit over that petty issue. How absurd. Tip for Cheer: skip that one. Don’t read it. Issue solved. Happy again.

Jeers to those Letters to the Editor contributors who equate “freedom” with personal opinion, and an uneducated biased opinion at that. Coronavirus is NOT a liberal media hoax. Wearing a mask to protect not only yourself and your family, but others who must share public spaces with you, is not only the right thing to do, but it is a small gesture of compassion and hope. Seattle is not “against capitalism” (remember Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon...capitalists all!!). Communism isn’t a threat, but ignorant people who choose to ignore science are.

Jeers to those who think wearing a mask is a statement of one’s ideology, usually couched in terms of “my rights.” Your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins, and “If you don’t like wearing a mask, you’re not going to like wearing a ventilator,” said Dr. Abbo, Chief of Infection Control at Jackson Health System in Florida (interviewed on CNN). I don’t care if you make yourself sick, but you have no right to make other people sick.

Cheers to all the wonderful heroes working the ER at St. Al’s Garrity Nampa. My Sweetheart underwent a day of IV infusion for a nasty infection and the most professional, kind and caring staff of Dr. McDaniels, PA Jared, RN’s Melisa & Audra gave the absolute best care during the procedures. The dedication of these folks is so appreciated and comforting during these stressful times. When these services are needed, a warm fuzzy to know providers of caring and quality are here to skillfully care for you and your loved ones. Thumbs up!!

Cheers: I want to thank the staff at the Sizzler on the Boulevard in Nampa for the most delicious steak lunch I ever had last Friday. I’d been longing to go there all the time we were locked down, and my luncheon was all I ever dreamed about and more. Every employee was so pleasant and helpful, and all wearing masks. The place was so clean and I had no fears of contracting COVID whatsoever. But the sad part was that, granted, though I was there early, there were only 3 other customers while I was there. There is no way our favorite business places are going to be able to remain open if we don’t go there! My steak was prepared to perfection, as was my baked potato and delicious salad and dessert. But my heart ached as I saw all the empty booths and tables. Caution is one thing but unsubstantiated fear is something else. Let’s get out there and support our faithful businesses.

Cheers to Idaho Press staff reporters for their in-depth coverage of the “local conversation on the defund the police movement”, published on 6-28-20. Taught to respect the police, many of us simply give them blanket respect. Sometimes that respect is undue. Sometimes police unions shield officers from effective oversight and control. I believe we expect far too much of officers, while paying them far too little. It is indeed time to consider which of the many functions police officers perform that might be better performed by others, such as trained social or mental health workers.

Cheers to Kathy at the Canyon County Assessor’s office. We have had questions about the value of some property and have reached out to her for help. She responded quickly and has been very helpful in providing us guidance and contacts in other agencies we need to complete the process. We really appreciate her professionalism and expertise.

You are the dog owner walking on the street (say McMillan and Five Mile or pick any other street in the city). You dutifully pick up the presents your dog deposits on the sidewalk or the path or in the park. But you hide the black or green or clear plastic bag with the dog presents in the bushes or behind a rock or tree. Please do the rest of your responsibility and hold it until you get to the can.

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