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Cheers to Costco for creating a place where even those of us in high risk groups can shop more safely. They risked backlash from anti-mask activists among their members and required masks for all who enter. As a graphic representation of people’s concern for the safety of others, shoppers elsewhere appear grossly indifferent by comparison.

Cheers: I just started my subscription last week (first paper in over 20 years!) and I just wanted to say thank you for providing REAL news and stories and entertainment. So far I find every page a delight to peruse and read. Keep up the great work!

Jeers to the June 12 front page headline writer for the headline, “Vigil planned to remember MURDERED Idaho Children,” my emphasis on murdered. To the best of my knowledge no charges of murder for either defendant of other charged crimes, and certainly no conviction for murder. Innocent until proven guilty?

Cheers for the guest commentaries from Jim Jones, former Idaho AG & Chief Justice of the Idaho Supreme Court. Your topics of national security and national integrity are fundamental issues for our country. Keep on writing, Justice Jones!

Cheers to my Idaho Press delivery person Brenda. Thanks for taking the time to make sure my paper stays dry in all this rain. Your the best.

Jeers to the Nampa Street Dept. for making people wait 20 minutes or more at the intersection of W Roosevelt and Canyon. I understand that they were just doing their job of resealing the streets, but their flag people should be trained better. Just letting the traffic on Roosevelt go and Canyon traffic, both ways back up. I was trying to get my 83 yr old mother home from shopping. She was tired, and then to have to sit another 20 minutes. She was not happy! It was a total joke to make her wait like that!

Cheers: I just want to tell the people that gave the free boxes of food away a big THANK YOU!! We went and got one on Thursday and it was so great we were in need of milk and there it was in the box. I also thought what we could have good for Fathers Day and there was some meat along with some vegetables. so thank you again for making our day we really appreciate it. Keep up the GREAT WORK.

Cheers to IPT investigative reporting. As a person rapidly approaching my “use by date,” I am curious if anyone at IPT is keeping track of stats on obituaries? For instance, since the life expectancy for males in Idaho is 73 years, it would be interesting to see a monthly report on data to date on those expired (1) over 73 yrs, (2) over 75 yrs, (3) over 80 yrs, (4) over 85.0 yrs, (5) over 90.0 yrs, over 95.0 yrs, and over 100.0 yrs. I don’t have data on females in Idaho — that would be nice to include.

Jeers to the man in the Range Rover with California plates at the Maverick store. I saw the Range Rover parked at the front of the store when I walked out, and was admiring it. You do not see a Range Rover very often. A black man jumped out, and began shouting “What is your problem”. He called me a racist, and threatened to assault me. All I did was admire the car from the sidewalk for a few seconds. Well mister, you are the racist, with a chip on your shoulder. I was just looking at the car.

Jeers to Idaho Press for keeping Doonsbury in the comic section. It should be on Op ed section and there should be a conservative cartoon there also to balance it. It is nothing but a liberal left educational cartoon and what it publishes is not honest. As long it is in comics I will consider Idaho Press a left wing hack for the Democrat party.

Jeers to ALL of the people who have made wearing a mask a political statement. It is a SAD day when a simple act of trying to do the right thing for others has turned into a divisive political debate. As someone else as said “you may not get sick, the people around may not get sick, but you may be the cause for someone you don’t know to lose their Grandfather.

As the 4th of July approaches I wish the city of Caldwell would crack down on people shooting off fireworks a week before and a week after the 4th. Last year for 5 days we had to listen to fireworks until 2 or 2:30 am. I like to celebrate but please respect the people that may have to work the next day, cheers to those that respect their neighbors and jeers to those that don’t.


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