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Jeers: This Memorial Day I drove around through several ‘suburbs’ of Boise and was again very disappointed, disgusted, insulted to see very few OLD GLORY flags waving. As an Army Korean vet, this hurts — especially when I think of all of those from WWII to the Mideast conflicts, including Korea, that didn’t make it back. About 10% of the homes and businesses displayed our FLAG!! BAH!! FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!!!! GOD was instrumental in our becoming a democratic nation — where’s your pride or appreciation???

Cheers to the young girl who rescued the small dog running loose on the very busy Midland Boulevard in Nampa on Sunday. Afraid the dog would be hit, she got the dog to come to her, picked the dog up and called the phone number listed on the tag. She returned the dog to the owner’s home, who said the dog had escaped. The owner gave her a high five and was very thankful to get her dog back. It is refreshing to know there are so many young people out there doing the right thing.

Cheers to the Canyon County Sheriffs and especially to Sheriff K. Curl for stopping and supporting my young son’s popsicle stand. Thank you for your active support in the community, giving confidence to kids, and encouraging a young entrepreneur! You made his day!

Jeers! Has the younger generations of mankind become so desensitized that things just don’t matter to them concerning the catching and spreading of the coronavirus? I saw on the news a young man at a party with no mask or social distancing stating that if you don’t want to catch the virus then just go home from the party and another stated that if he caught it then everyone else would so it didn’t matter. And you all want to get back to normal?

Cheers: “A Gem in our State” As a retired Veteran on a fixed income I Thank Adam, Cindy their Family and the staff for the outstanding service and quality of work from Mountain View Roofing. Thanks to them I have faith in our Valley Contractors once again. Also we appreciate the top level service from Kyle at ABC Supply Co. Thanks for restoring our trust.

Jeers to the woman working at a local hardware store on 5/28/20 who dismissively asked several people why they were wearing a mask & proceeded to tell them that Covid-19 is passed through blood & that it’s not respiratory. Seriously! Do some research before you speak.

Cheers for the Boredom Buster puzzles added to daily paper for several weeks. JEERS for stopping it. Please bring it back.

Cheers to the Record Exchange in Boise....taking the pandemic seriously, limiting entry to the store, hand sanitizer and mask required. Everyone could learn from your approach to keeping customers and employees safe! Thank you!!

Cheers to Matt & Abby for helping my friend Mae when her car wouldn’t start in the Albertsons parking lot on 7th St. on the afternoon of May 22nd. Cheers to Larry’s Chevron for fixing the problem after the Memorial Holiday. Cheers to all the people at the parking lot who also tried to help.

Cheers to Florida! Toast to Bob & Doug, and to Falcon-9, too; Of Course I Still Love You, and USA’s toast to the ISS! (From an excited 8-year-old)


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