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CHEERS!! To the Idaho Press for keepin’ on keepin’ on — A cup of coffee and the Idaho Press each morning brings joy to my life. And Cheers for the IP for being a LOCAL paper — Thank you

Cheers: To Michael McAuliffe, Boise and Logan Buckley, Caldwell, for brilliant, well written letters.

Cheers: To the Protesters who are passionate about Their Issues AND remember to VOTE for their Changes.

Jeers: To the Protesters who forget to Vote in ALL the Elections to try to make Changes.

Cheers: KUDO’S TO OFFICER BARRY WITH THE GEM COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE! On June 4th my daughter, her husband and myself were doing some target shooting on BLM land. He stopped by while on patrol of the area to see how we were doing. What impressed us was he took time to get to know us in addition to offering more in depth information and education regarding gun ownership. Additionally, he even allowed us to get to know a little about himself! Furthermore, Officer Barry conducted himself in a very professional and personable way!

Cheers to Samantha who is my rural newspaper person. I called her in the late morning telling her I had not received my paper and she explained that she was very late because of an emergency during the night and that she would bring my newspaper up to my front door. When she noticed I was on oxygen she offered to do this every day. I just want her to know how much I appreciate it.


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