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Cheers to all of you wearing masks in public places. You are helping to keep people in jobs and the economy open by keeping tempering the rate of infection. Just think how much more would be shut down if you hadn’t been doing your part.

Jeers to the Idaho Press, a once seemingly semi-objective voice that has morphed into another liberal rag in dire need of a proofreader. The IP is largely a step-child of the Associated Press, whose writers have difficulty providing news coverage without inserting their anti-Trump, anti-conservative leanings in their reporting. No wonder many of your letters to the editor and guest opinions regurgitate their bias. Were it not for Curtis Honeycutt, Ted Kunz and an occasional informative local sports article, I would have jumped ship long ago.

Jeers to people who drive 5 to 10 MPH below the speed limit then get in a huff when people try to legally pass them. You know, the ones who straddle the two lanes so you can’t get into the other one and pass them. The ones who honk and flip you off. If you’re going to drive under the speed limit, you’re going to get passed by people who have schedules to keep. Trying to stop them from passing is selfish and petty on your part.

Cheers: Today, Reader’s Digest editors’ press release lists a city within all 50 states nominated by a resident for “2020 Nicest Place to Live in America”. Editors chose my nomination for Meridian, ID to represent our state. “” link, tells why Meridian is my nomination for “Nicest Place to Live in America”. Meridian’s first responders and residents’ bring better life to all of us with selfless gifts of love, hope, caring, often risking their own well-being, not only during the pandemic, but always. No wonder that our city one of the fastest growing in the nation: “Best Place to Live.”

Jeers! I am not saying you have to wear a mask… Just don’t take mine away from me! Jeers to those higher ups that say they could have handled or could handle the pandemic better!! Why didn’t and why don’t you stand up say something and tell and show us how? It’s not too late for the living!!

Cheers to Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation area for going to great lengths to welcome guests on a very busy July 3 and doing so while enforcing Covid-19 precautions. Signage reminding all of safe distancing was everywhere, employees were masked and GM Brad Wilson graciously handed a mask to someone in need. Thank you Bogus for proving that fun can still be had while adhering to our Covid-19 safety precautions.

Jeers to the Idaho Press for their refusal to show how many cases today of Covid-19 are CURRENT cases. Same goes for hospitalizations and ICU beds currently occupied BECAUSE of Covid-19. Those are called lies of omission. Presenting the running tallies without context is completely dishonest. About 4,500 cases current, about 75 people hospitalized for observation and out of those 75 or so about 17 in ICU beds. Now, that is what I call context and honesty. Believe what you want in terms of what those numbers mean, but we need context and honesty.

Editor’s note: In our reporting of state numbers, we do include how many people have recovered from COVID-19. The state defines a “presumed recovered” case as a person with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis who is alive 30 days post-onset (or referral date if onset is not available).

Cheers to Canyon County Paramedics, Caldwell Fire and staff at Saint Al’s in Nampa. Your professionalism in responding to my husband when he had a heart attack was appreciated. Your kindness was beyond. I’m so grateful for you all. Thank you.

Jeers: R.I.P. Independence Day. Now it’s about who can set off the biggest, loudest, illegal explosives. Do people even remember what happened on July 4, 1776?

JEERS to the State of Idaho for allowing the sale of fireworks that are illegal to actually use in our state, to our local law enforcement agencies that don’t enforce these laws, and to those many Idahoans who find it appropriate to shoot off these extremely loud projectile fireworks for weeks prior to and up to the 4th, terrifying our pets and others, as well as leaving debris everywhere in the streets. These laws are a “joke” and an embarrassment. Ban the sales of these fireworks and enforce the laws!!!

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