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Cheers: We’d like to give a shout out to the Canyon County Highway District #4 chip seal crew, who did an awesome job in Par Estates subdivision last week. Their professional attitudes, friendly demeanor and job skills did not go unnoticed. We appreciate the work they do, year around, no matter what the weather conditions are at the time. They are just one of many “unsung heroes” in our community, who are here when we need them.

Cheers to Michael Rotter and his family because they have help me in so many ways because I’ve been sick and in the hospital a lot and everybody from Nathan, Hannah, Gracie and Harriet his wife have been my strength to overcome my illness. Cheers because Michael and his family are my support system and they keep me strong especially when I’ve been ill and depressed because they give me hope and inspire me that there are still angels because times are hard and it’s friends like Michael and his family that make the world a better and safer place.

Jeers to this pandemic making everyone wear a mask. I wonder if bank robberies will increase. Now those criminals that are on the most wanted and on the run can frolic boldly behind their masks right in plain sight.

Cheers to Darcy James for her thoughtful and enlightened letter, “Listen,” to the editor on 7/22. It was right on the money and timely. Thanks to IPT for publishing rational and positive letters.

Jeers to Idaho Press for printing letters to the editor which contain misinformation, untruths, false facts, and blatant disregard for science and medical experts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but no one is entitled to their own facts. Please do not give a platform to conspiracy theories and voices of ignorance.

Jeers: I have been trying to get a United Airlines ticket refund since last April. I have a note from my Dr. that states that I should not be flying. I called a phone number at 2 in the afternoon to see where I could send the note for consideration. I could not understand the person on the other line because of all the roosters I heard crowing. I asked him where he was and he said the Philippines. I finally found got an answer where to send the Doctors note. I sent it and was still refused for refund.

Jeers to Idaho Press Tribune. Please return “Quote of the Day”. Your excuse that AP no longer furnishes it, should be replaced by some effort from your staff who can easily find these amazing quotes in all kinds of books and websites. “Quote for the Day” allows for thoughtful & meaningful reflection from your readers, which is healthy for our society.

Cheers: Shoutout to Caldwell! A great big THANK YOU to the Caldwell Police Department who served meals for tips at the Indian Creek Steakhouse Friday evening to raise money for the Special Olympics! The restaurant was packed with people, the staff was all smiles, the food was great, and the Officers were kept super busy serving food and interacting with the patrons for this worthwhile event — with a few earning a bit extra riding the bull! Also, thanks to KIDO and Kevin Miller for highlighting this great evening! The support for our local police was on full, patriotic display!

Cheers to the quote of President Eisenhower; “Extremes to the right and to the left of any political dispute are always wrong.” Very apropos for the current political climate we find ourselves in.

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