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Jeers to the business leaders at a groundbreaking ceremony recently featured in the Idaho Press. The story and accompanying photo shows people at their groundbreaking in Eagle, shovels in hand, standing less than 6 feet apart. Only one of the 8 people in the picture is wearing a mask. With the explosion in COVID cases in Ada county, this kind of event was irresponsible. Having people stand 6 feet apart and/or wear masks would have been the responsible way to hold this event.

JEERS TO The Daily Comical Strip WUMO. Nothing comical about this strip.

Cheers to Grasmick Produce for donating several boxes of produce to health care workers--it was appreciated.

Cheers to Lynn de la Motte and Mickey Fagerson for their letters supporting police officers. All lives matter, including blue lives.

Jeers to people who apologize and feel guilty for things they never did. In particular, things their ancestors did. And double jeers to people who insist that they do. Jeers to people who debase and humiliate themselves under the misguided belief that they are helping make up for the sins of others. This kind of thing has all the hallmarks of a cult. A particularly dangerous cult, because people like this are used and manipulated by people who believe they have good intentions but end up causing misery, hatred and division. Jeers to the whole lot of ya!

Big cheers to Mr Ronald Harriman for his “Will we keep a hold on our republic” article. It was very well said and good points were made about our history. Thank you!

Jeers to the Idaho Press and Nascar. Racing cars is NOT a sport! If it were, you’d be saying that driving to work or running a quick errand was a sport.

Cheers to the stores and businesses who are now requiring face masks for entry; I personally don’t like wearing a face mask but will do so because what can it hurt at this point? Anything reasonable to make this situation better going forward, and putting a little mask on for a short time is reasonable to me. Beats laying in bed sick. Jeers to the stores and businesses who don’t enforce the mask mandate they have required, but understand they don’t/ won’t because there are so many people who will create a scene after being asked to wear one. A big JEERS to that considerate, thoughtful group of people. Hate to see anyone get their “rights” trampled while being asked to protect others.

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