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Jeers to the guy in the yellow car who rang my door bell and took off before I could answer, leaving a gift for Mariah from Sami at the wrong house. Perhaps you got the right number but the wrong street. Try the next one over (south). Come and get it anytime between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. If I’m not home keep trying until I am, but not before 10 a.m.

Cheers to the person who wrote the Jeers article in July 7th’s edition of the Idaho Press regarding the leftward transition of the paper. It expresses my sentiments exactly and I couldn’t have said It better myself.

Cheers to those who showed patriotism for the USA on July 4. Something we needed more then ever this year. May you continue to demonstrate support for our country 365/24/7, and thwart those who work to bring it to its demise.

Cheers to the NPD and the others like them. We support the blue and believe you are very necessary for a civilized society.

Jeers to the owners of a cemetery in Caldwell. It is beyond shameful that you do not provide your hard working grounds keepers with adequate funds to maintain the grounds in an appropriate and dignified manner. I am beyond saddened to have my loved ones resting there. Shame on you!

Jeers to either/or the city of Nampa or the canal company that occupies the area next to Nampa-Caldwell Blvd. Nampa City has a well-maintained Welcome sign area, and Fred Meyer keeps their lawn taken care of, but right next to the road, and as one of the entries to our city, the canal looks like a throwback to the era of hillbilly trash. Homes in Nampa have to maintain their lawns or treed areas. Why don’t irrigation companies? It’s an embarrassment.

Jeers: Why are all sports reporting about things NOT happening and ignoring ones that are. Drag racing starts this weekend at Indy and continues for 2 weeks in a row. Actually local drag racing is also ignored which is puzzling because Firebird is a NHRA sanctioned track. Quit reporting on the ‘racist’ NASCAR and stick to NHRA which has several racers that are not white.

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