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Jeers to who complained about teachers and their salary. If teachers complain about their salary, that is their problem, they need a better job, one that they love! When my kids were in school, you could not pay teachers ENOUGH! They are basically parents to your children all day long, and the days are long...teaching, counseling, endless work that GOOD teachers will do for our children. Unbelievable what they deal with in a day’s work! Nowadays the problems and teaching are 10 times more demanding and involved with safety issues etc. Retired from schools, I know!

Cheers to Fireman Kevin Nelson. You made a little boy’s day when you showed him and his great grandparents around Station #1 this past Sunday. Fire trucks are really, really big and very red. Sitting in the big fire truck was so exciting and telling another set of grandparents all about it when they saw the pictures, was exciting too. Thank you from Ziggy (age 2 1/2).

Jeers to our Utility companies, that no longer accepts checks! Have paid by check forever! What?- So Angry that companies think they are God and control us! When you phone in payments they charge anywhere from a $3-$8 FEE!! What for? We do all the work, pressing all the buttons, talking to, Not even a Live Person. Really angers us that this computer voice is inhaling all of our FEE money for doing Nothing! A slam to the elderly and many of us who refuse to pay anything thru computers or cell phones! If we cannot pay the way we want to...just stop paying our bills. Ugh!

Cheers to the Friends of the Nampa Public Library. They are having a Media Madness sale in their bookstore all month! 4 DVDs for $1; 10 CDs for $1; and 4 Audio Books for $1. The bookstore is amazing!

CHEERS to the Friends of the Nampa Library for their huge “Media Madness” Sale going on for the month of January!! Incredible savings on DVD’s, CD’s & audio books while supplies last! Hurry in and take advantage of the great prices!

Jeers to whoever is in charge of keeping the freeway clean in Caldwell. There is garbage all over the grass from exit 26 to exit 29. Even the grassy areas adjacent to the on and off ramps have garbage just thrown out there. Is there someone we can get to clean this up?

Jeers regarding the vitriol submission last week regarding teachers pay. Educators that stay in the profession do it in spite of pay. They stay to make a difference in a child’s life,and in the community. Teachers put in long hours as do other professions and often receive little support. You say “if you don’t like it than leave,” well guess what, they are. I trust you don’t have the same low opinion of our first responders and EMTs.

Cheers to Owyhee Heating and Air for the wonderful, competent, caring work done on my furnace in my heating emergency right before Christmas! Thank you so much, Scott and Owyhee Heating.

Cheers to all Idaho teachers. They have spent 4 to 6 years in college, most accumulated student loans, and entered what they knew is a low paying profession because they believe educating our children is the most important job there is.

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