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Cheers: Thank you for complaining about drivers who do not go the speed limit! The worst are the parents getting and dropping off school kids! Avoid those times! Downtown Nampa and areas around are 20-25 mph. If you go those speeds you are run off the road. Why are speeds posted and not reinforced? Speeders on our tails...We just drive Slower! Do the Speed or go around, or away!

Cheers to our rural Press Tribune carrier, Alameda. This wonderful woman goes above and beyond to offer great service. On snowy days she actually delivers my 96 year old father his paper to his front door. I am so thankful for this amazing woman.

Cheers to the college students for filming a music video on the Downtown Nampa parking garage! You are what makes this city lively. Jeers to the Nampa Police Department for sending in the SWAT Team and kicking the college students out. Editor’s note: Response from the Nampa Police Department: “Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to respond to this comment. Upon review, the Nampa Police Department did not send the SWAT team to the parking garage and does not have any record of the incident mentioned.”

Cheers to the various miracle lotions, potions and pills paid advertisements, it’s like addition to the comics. Also Cheers to Dr. Al Sears for saving mankind!

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