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Cheers to Linder Road Idaho Central Credit Union staff. Lance and the awesome staff at the Linder Road are awesome. We purchased a pre-paid Visa gift card from ICCU as a Christmas gift for a grandchild. It never left our home, yet was compromised and emptied by a woman in California through an elaborate scheme. We realty appreciate ICCU and their efforts to help us get our balance returned. Though Visa refused, ICCU stood behind us.

Jeers to drivers who think speed limits in the Treasure Valley don’t mean anything! Driving 5-10 miles an hour over the limit is not acceptable. I’m tired of driving the speed limit and being tailgated because someone thinks I should be going faster. Overland and Maple Grove in Boise are the WORST!

Jeers to this paper: send magnifying glass when printing a map, or increase the size of the map so it can be read, ‘news’ dated 2 months ago from other states is not news, articles with the ending sentence(s?) removed is annoying, how about less concentration on the ‘stars’ that do bad and more for the everyday person who does good. Just print bigger maps!

Cheers for all the bright, warm colors lighting up our streets, homes, and towns. It is so enjoyable and wonderful to be able to take a peaceful, evening drive or a refreshing walk and see all of the Christmas and Holiday lights still shining through the night. Thank you to everyone.

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