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Jeers: Can I be the only one who has noticed this? Background music-playing constantly behind ads and now — ALL the time! Also very loud and annoying so no one can the words spoken... Why is this necessary? I have a hearing problem making it worse... They defeat their very purpose.

Jeers to a Caldwell store. I have shopped there since their doors opened in 2000. Every time I go in, although I know many employees, I am followed, watched and harassed while doing my shopping and self check-out. It is very insulting, especially since I am a neat, clean, grandparent of nine. Working in law enforcement, I know what they are doing because I watch people’s actions, eyes and movements. For whatever reason they seem to think I am a thief. I have had enough of this store and its insults.

Cheers to a world where tolerance exist and wouldn’t it be nice if we weren’t so judgmental of religion or race because you can’t judge a book by its cover and variety is the spice of life. Cheers to being in the military because I met people from all walks of life and it made me a better person and being overseas I met the most wonderful people because of the culture and I learned so much from what they taught me. Someday I hope to go back and enjoy being around my friends who have open my mind.

Jeers to the internet in Homedale, Idaho that has been in and out for 12 days. We need a new internet service that works because if you go on the internet you will see complaints against this internet.

Cheers! to the volunteers helping at the girls state basketball tournament at Nampa High School this past week! I followed people into the event Friday afternoon & accidentally entered by the wrong door. The high school student at that door politely explained she did not take money at that door & gave me directions to where I could buy a ticket. As I motored off to the gym in my power chair she chased me down & located our team for me.

Cheers to IPT columnist Terri Schlichenmeyer, aka the Bookworm. You have not steered me wrong yet & I always look forward to reading your book reviews!

Cheers: After subscribing to another paper serving our area we switched to the Idaho Press. I like to read both sides and come to my own conclusions. I read complaints that the Press is getting too liberal. I prefer it to the competition. I just need to remember to ration Sunday’s paper so that I have something to read on Mondays. Our delivery person provides consistently excellent service.

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